Going suicide bomber in Cleveland

So there’s a national convention going on and the concerns about violence to Cleveland have failed to materialize. To this point, only a single communist burned an American flag leading to minor pushing and shoving. Oh and there was some fringe religious group who mixed it up with Black Lives Matter members with reports of bags of urine flung around.

Last night, Ted Cruz took to the stage and blew himself up in a pique of political ambition. It will be remembered and discussed in political science classes for some time under the chapter, how to commit political suicide on national television.

One of the unique aspects to this election cycle is the revelations on both the system and the political characters who seek to uphold the status quo. It’s been quite revealing. You just have to pay attention, a little. 
Here’s Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage.

Earlier Laura Ingraham gave a speech and tweaked “the boys” who can’t get over themselves.
It was quite predictive and she was certainly well received by the convention attendees.

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