Globalist meltdown – Rise of the Clingers

In easily the most revealing and educational presidential race of most everyone’s lifetime, the exposure of anti-American treachery came to the fore with a string of puppets being exposed, left, right and center – much of it courtesy of WikiLeaks.

The exposures from all corners of American political strata showing not a nation divided as many think in ideology within both major parties, but a single entity working against the American people for their own narrow corporate globalist interests, a Washington based Uniparty.

To put it in starkest terms, see the original movie Rollerball, a futurist science fiction film based on the idea of a violent roller derby game used as a distraction for a worldwide populace ruled by a shadowy globalist corporate entity.

Ask yourself, exactly how far have we come in reaching that vision? For many Americans, the distraction of TV, film, computer games, etc. is a perfect mirror coupled with a diet of Leftist nihilism. Political correctness is the preselected Orwellian weapon for further advancing its objectives and crushing opposition turning language and mere thought against the individual.

For the globalist entities running not one party in DC but both parties, a Uniparty, ideological differences are part of another mesmerizing distraction as America’s jobs, wealth and economic engine are exported, outsourced and tens of millions of lives thrown aside. Literally whole regions of the country have been sent spiraling into a tailspin of poverty, hard drug abuse, alcoholism and despair.

In 2008, those victims largely the victims of NAFTA were mocked as “clingers” to be discarded without a second thought other than an occasional sneer in their direction. They were declared mere cannon fodder to a globalist vision of a replacement population for the Americas, what Hillary Clinton would describe to international bankers as her “dream” of Open Borders and Free Trade.

Enhancing and continued implementation of that “enlightened” vision meant American borders were bothersome and should be discarded and/or ignored. The push back of constant demands about upholding American law were met with President Obama’s scorn as he urged illegal aliens to go to the polls this week and make the difference for Hillary Clinton. When Donald Trump appropriately noted without borders you have no country, the globalist lemmings sneered and set out to destroy him.

The globalist vision to see inverted American sovereignty came close to fulfillment in the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton promised to take untold millions of illegal immigrants and make them permanent fixtures and eventually US voters in her first 100 days. The Clingers cringed looking at their children as the next generation of discarded victims. They organized behind one candidate, the only candidate who offered to carry their banner.

Immigration has not been seriously discussed or reviewed in the United States for decades even with the looming terrorist threat. When a Pakistani woman joined with her husband mowing down their co-workers in San Bernardino, the concern was not for Americans and future attacks but how to limit the political fallout while manufacturing a replacement population. John Podesta lamented in his exposed WikiLeaks emails he wished the terrorist was named Chris Hayes. There was no lamentation for the Americans who perished and suffered who had embraced these Islamic terrorists throwing them a wedding shower only months earlier.

Mocking the forsaken American Clinger has become de rigueur for the globalist elites and their lemming acolytes. The election of 2016 was expected to cement once and for all the rise of globalist control over the United States and vanquish to a permanent underclass the Clingers.

That is until a political outsider said enough and took on all comers, facing opponents down one by one, absorbing everything they could muster against him. The globalists powers know he can’t be bought or bargained with; he’s an existential threat to exacting ambitions and breaking American resistance.

Last night, Americans came together from all walks of life, race, color and creed and said enough.
Now the stakes will be even higher as the globalists decide next steps how to break the backs of both, American will and the person who sits atop as their leader.

Those repercussions will be delivered and are coming, probably sooner than later. This time you will get to decide whose side you’re on with open eyes.

There’s no going back once you take the red pill. Or you can shrug off reality and remain in your “progressive” blue pill universe spurred on by the globalists who manipulate you to your own demise and that of your country.

Of course many of you are too “advanced” for such quaint notions as nation states or adhering to the concept of a US Constitution and these United States. Your lesser opponents, the Clingers have however risen up against all odds and thrust a rusty, unpolished wrench in the works.

His name is Donald J. Trump.

photo courtesy DrudgeReport

Talking Ed Note: As for one whining lemmings cry, “Russ-ya, Russ-ya,” it turns out it was never Donald Trump who held ties to the former KGB office Vladimir Putin but Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. She scored cool millions for her part in setting up and seeing approved the sale of 20% of US uranium through a Canadian corporate sponsor. Podesta has profited holding shares in a foreign entity connected to the transaction. Who has the refresher on treason?

The Hillary Campaign/Media, revealed by WikiLeaks were seen acting as one entity. Weekend email releases showed the DNC actually getting requests from CNN to submit questions for Republican candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.

The level of corruption is astounding in these WikiLeaks revelations but there were literally dozens of examples, almost all ignored by the same media parties who enjoy their revelry in feeding at the trough as one of the globalists’ anointed.

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