Giattino Rebukes Nino Giacchi on Lack of Concern for Open Space and Heavy Handed Tactics

Jen Giattino for Council announces:


Jennifer Giattino, candidate for City Council in Hoboken’s 6th Ward, challenged Councilman Nino Giacchi for attempting to squash the consideration of an ordinance to acquire $20 million in bonding for open space at this week’s public Council meeting.

“Had the introduction of this ordinance failed, the residents of Hoboken would have lost the opportunity to discuss this important issue,” Giattino stated. “The intent of this bond is not to create a new tax, nor raise an existing one. The City is merely planning to use the current Open Space Fund as a safety valve needed to pay for desperately needed open spaces we all deserve, ” Giattino said. “That just makes good long term sense.”

“Due to the poor management of past budgets by previous administrations under which Mr. Giacchi has served, our tax dollars have not been utilized to their best potential. If we had been using our money wisely we would have had the funds to maintain our existing parks,” Giattino continued.

“If we spend more wisely from now on, we will have the money to maintain our shared resources in the future. It is time to look forward, and not backward. It is time to start working together, instead of suppressing ideas based on petty politics and personal animosities. That kind of outdated thinking is hurting Hoboken taxpayers and has to stop,” Giattino emphasized.

“This failed attempt by Mr. Giacchi to cut off even addressing this critical issue is just the latest example of Councilman Giacchi’s lackluster performance in office. It is indicative of his constant failure to adequately serve the people he is supposed to represent, and another reason why we need new leaders on the City Council,” Giattino concluded.

Thank you,
Jennifer Giattino

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