GA: McCarthyism strikes Hoboken in the form of Beth Mason and Mike Russo

The latest salvo in a battle of the local forces of free speech and Reform vs. corruption has begun not even a week after Hoboken’s last election.  The defeat of the Russo-Mason led council is in the books but retribution from the degeneracy in their political alliance is far from over.

A late submitted resolution appearing last at this Wednesday’s City Council meeting is a revised request for the emails of Mayor Zimmer’s staff.  The objective in this witch-hunt is to uncover any questionable communications between two city employees and local media, reporters, and local political campaigns.

If there was a pretext to the request, it could almost be construed as somehow reasonable.  But it’s basis is shoddy at best claiming undetermined “findings” by the City Council deem the city website highly politicized thus an intrusion into the executive branch is required.  The cost in both time and taxpayer monies for legal to review the thousands of emails a month generated by the mayor’s confidential aide and the communications manager is also described as “exaggerated.” Beth Mason and Mike Russo clearly don’t believe the targeted city employees actually do this much work and say so in the resolution.  (Perhaps we’ll find out.)

Although there’s a side benefit in an attempt to intimidate and snuff dissent, the real targets here are the two city employees making $45K and $75K respectively who are doing far better in both service and value to the people of Hoboken than their far more expensive predecessors.  (Peter Cammarano actually created a position to the mayor’s office called Chief of Staff for $125,000 but you didn’t hear any complaint from either Beth Mason or Mike Russo about that added taxpayer burden in 2009.)

While MSV had predicted power plays from the sinking Russo-Mason ship only days earlier, this even surpasses our expectations.  A look at the primary media list shows the top three targets of the Hoboken citizen witch-hunt are The Hoboken Journal, (The Hudson) Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger.  A number of local reporters are tossed in for good measure as some sort of benchmark or just to muddy the waters and make it look less vindictive.  Beth Mason’s favored website for leaks and hatchet jobs on her opponents and anyone she no longer likes in the form of Hoboken411 or Mason411 is added too.  (MSV would prize any of Hoboken411’s email exchanges for its pure entertainment value with the public getting a purview into the mentally disturbed antics of Perry Klaussen himself.)

Grafix Avenger keenly notes there is one local editor missing from the list: the Jersey Journal’s Augie Torres.  Torres was the lone editor to avoid even the briefest mention of the Mike Russo Bribe Tapes story broken on MSV as detailed in “The Jersey Sting.”  He held out to the bitter end until the parent company went around him and intervened on behalf of the Star Ledger.  According to one Russo insider, The Jersey Journal’s junior reporter then published the FBI surveillance video completely going around Augie Torres.

In a way it’s comforting to see Mike Russo standing by Augie Torres: two peas in a pod.

Grafix Avenger details that and more at the link:

Beth Mason is going out in style as her Council Presidency is jettisoned by Hoboken residents in the last election.  McCarthyism is her new spring fashion color/statement and the fit is just perfect.

Talking Ed Note: One of the funniest moments in reading this Beth Mason sponsored resolution is the statement all emails will be treated confidentially.  This coming from Beth Mason is just fall off your chair funny.

MSV isn’t sure the whole council would see let alone read the stacks of emails before Beth Mason or Mike Russo would turn over the information to the minion for the typical hatchet job on Hoboken/Mason411.  They apparently think they will get their pound(s) of flesh.

Well sure have at it.  Let the games commence.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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