GA Bomb: Carmelo Garcia’s HHA ‘consigliere’ and his ethnic cleansing lawsuit

Email between Carmelo Garica and former HHA counsel Charles Daglian reveals troubling “consultation” exactly 10 days before the infamous Ethnic Cleansing lawsuit filed

Yesterday Grafix Avenger published an exclusive report featuring a never before published email OPRAed from the Hoboken Housing Authority between former Executive Director Carmelo Garcia of the Hoboken Housing Authority and its former attorney Charles Daglian.

The bombshell email reveals an apparent complicit relationship between the parties as planning was underway for a civil lawsuit against the federal agency in the Mile Square housing thousands of lower income Hoboken residents.

An actual email between the controversial former HHA ED Carmelo Garcia and the former attorney to the agency, Charles Daglian reveals the former’s request to review and aid in a what appears to be the pending infamous ethnic cleansing lawsuit. 

The electronic communication appears to be an email from Carmelo Garcia writing in his HHA email account to then HHA attorney Charlie Daglian a request to review “the facts” with an attachment described as a “garcia complaint.”

Civil lawsuits are described in document form as a complaint. The infamous Garcia “ethic cleansing” lawsuit was filed exactly 10 days later. 

The email is sure to raise serious conflict of interest questions as Charles Daglian was being paid by the Hoboken Housing Authority and empowered to represent and protect the legal interests of the agency and its seven member board.

Numerous stories here over a two year period noted the obstinate obstruction by Garcia attempting to reinstall Daglian as the HHA attorney on at least seven different occasions in direct opposition to the board after his contract expired. Garcia kept Daglian on the payroll as legal counsel although the HHA board refused to reissue him a contract, complaining he was not representing the board’s interests on behalf of the agency.

MSV found the cozy relationship so troubling it referred to Charles Daglian as the consigliere to Carmelo Garcia.

Charles Daglian was contacted early this am and asked to comment on this email between himself and Carmelo Garcia. If a response comes, this story will be updated.

Carmelo Garcia is invited to comment but has typically avoided doing so offering instead to file a criminal complaint when MSV sends questions asking for comment.

Charles Daglian (l) and Carmelo Garcia share an intimate moment at a 2013 board meeting back in the day when both worked for the Hoboken Housing Authority. A blockbuster email shows them conferring on a “garcia complaint” document mere days before the infamous “Ethic Cleansing” lawsuit was filed.

Talking Ed Note: Has yet another email coming out of civil litigation once again revealed a smoking gun? Stay tuned!

The actual August 12, 2014 Ethnic Cleansing lawsuit:

Later today, it’s a preview of the City Council meeting set for tonight with both a budget and Washington St. reconstruction funding approval on tap.

Correction: On Monday, MSV referenced the proposed Bijou project writing the “City Council is said on a 30 day clock.”

The project apparently did not make the council agenda this meeting but when it does, the council has at a minimum 30 days to consider and approve with the option to extend it further.

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