Funerals and the Ice Follies starring Richard Mason

Theater of the political absurd returns to Hoboken 

The political environment in Hoboken is known for its historical harshness.

The “On the Waterfront” brutality on the docks with rugged longshoreman and ruthless mob control has been co-opted by strollers and kinder political fare in recent days. Hoboken council meetings of late could fit right in with ones in Summit or Franklin Lakes; the Mile Square has traversed a long way.

Contrasting further, the divide between the centuries show that when it comes to a dividing line; bats, sticks and fists are replaceable with a judge’s gavel using the courts as a tool for similar violent ends discouraging residents from applying their First Amendment rights.

It all starts with a checkbook.

Grafix Avenger, the Mile Square’s resident satirist breaks it down sharing the mirth of combining ice prancing and relatives dropping dead. It’s the death du jour time of the season brought to you courtesy of North Jersey’s best satirical humorist.

So with that, here’s the latest GA incarnation and just what Hoboken needs: funerals on ice.

How do you combine utter vanity with death and ice prancing?
Look, if there’s a wallet and a fool, there’s a way.

Moving on to another local story burning up the presses at the Hudson Reporter, the weekend rag dug deep to come up with this one: one man’s title purchase of a NYC camping outfit.

Give the Hudson Distorter credit, when they are bought at least they stay bought. That says something these days although I’m not sure what.

Grafix Avenger has all the details for what it’s worth. We’re not sure how relevant any of it is beyond the purchase itself.

Richard Mason: latest purchase not an oil painting of self
over the mantle in the living room. 

Some anonymous Grafix Avenger commenters are diving right into the recent absurdity.
Oh and how they dive in.

  • Riddle: How many boy scouts does it take to underwrite a slapp suit in Hoboken?

    A: Just one!

  • The Boy Scout’s Law, as interpreted by one who has lost their moral compass in the tall weeds of life’s ethical challenges:

    TRUSTWORTHY – nope; not by a long shot.
    LOYAL – to a fault – your own.
    HELPFUL – in bringing down a hospital and suing neighbors.
    FRIENDLY – …meh.
    COURTEOUS – toward those who may redeem one’s character.
    KIND – one of, thank god.
    OBEDIENT – to “she who must be obeyed”.
    CHEERFUL – grimace.
    THRIFTY – another word for cheap.
    BRAVE – enough to appear in public.

    And the band played on.
    Talking Horse Note: MSV’s publishing comments on another Hoboken website is neither an endorsement nor agreement with the expressed written opinions of commenters there.  
    That’s what subpoenas are for. 
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