Community notes from Councilman Peter Cunningham

From the office of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Neighbors, Family and Friends,
A couple of events of interest this weekend: Jubilee Center Fundraiser, Jersey City Lacrosse clinic, and supporting Michael Lenz for council…
Many of you know about the Jubilee Center, and the great work they do for Hoboken’s children in public housing.  The Jubilee Center is an after school and summer safe haven for children in Hoboken’s public housing  neighborhood.  The Center provides quality after school programming for over 70 students from K-6th grade, it provides needed activities full time during school breaks throughout the year.  In addition to education and activities, the Jubilee Center provides warm meals to its students daily.

Tonight at the Elks Club, 1005 Washington Street,  parents of our community will host an annual fundraiser to benefit of the Hoboken Jubilee Center.  The event starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm and includes an open bar, light food and dancing.  Dinner in advance would be a good idea, so make it a night out!
The price of admission is $50 in advance (either register at Rubee’s Closet at 1028 Washington Street or online at the Jubilee Center web site or $60 at the door. 
We all know the over programming of our children is a constant challenge, however, lacrosse is a great team sport and potentially another outlet or choice to add to the mix for consideration.  I spoke to the organizers recently, as well as the City’s Director of Health and Human Services (Hoboken’s Recreation), about promoting lacrosse in Hoboken and throughout Hudson County.

This Sunday Jersey City’s St. Peter’s Prep will host a lacrosse clinic for boys and girls by Jersey City Lacrosse (local non profit) with the assistance of Steven’s Institute players and coaches.  The clinic is Sunday at 2pm at St. Peter’s Prep field at sussex and van vosrt streets, one block south of Grand.  The following note provides additional details and their website for registration.  Hope to see you there.
Hello Jersey City Lacrosse Folks:
We are looking forward to the upcoming clinic on Sunday. Among some familiar faces, there will be assistant coaches and players from Stevens Institute of Technology’s Men’s Lacrosse team and possibly players from the Women’s lacrosse team as well.

A few practical details:
1. Rain: forecast for Sunday is 68 degrees and 30% chance of a “few showers” so we should be OK. However, please check your email on Sunday at 12 noon to see if there is a cancellation (in that instance we will try to reschedule.)
RAIN on SUNDAY: Check your email at 12 noon
2. We will have both boys and girls lacrosse sticks available for purchase for $25.00 — that price is at or below store/online prices and all proceeds go to Jersey City Lacrosse.
3. Please remember to dress your children appropriately for lacrosse and the weather.
We look forward to seeing you and/or your lacrosse playing children on the field at St. Peter’s Prep at 2 pm Sunday!
Jersey City Lacrosse
Questions? Call: 201-951-0478
Lastly and just as important, we have an election November 2nd for Hoboken’s 4th Ward council representative.  As I said last week, SW Hoboken is a critical part of our City.  All of Hoboken and especially the Fourth Ward needs representation that’s experienced in tackling all the issues such as infrastructure (flooding), development, finance, quality of life and public safety.

Mike Lenz has a demonstrated track record over the last 12 months of achieving solutions to these very important issues.

We need Mike, the Fourth Ward needs Mike, the City of Hoboken needs Mike.  It’s time to get involved, and we need your help today with just over two weeks left to campaign.  Please read up on Mike Lenz, and consider volunteering your time, and/or making a contribution.

Here’s the debate from last week courtesy of Hoboken People for Open Governmentt

Let’s keep Hoboken moving forward and do all that we can to support Mike Lenz for Fouth Ward Councilmen.  We cannot afford it!

Any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to reach out, and kindly consider passing this note onto neighbors, family and friends.  Enjoy the weekend!

Peter Cunningham

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Councilman Peter Cunningham

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