Forward Together on Election Day

From the desk of Forward Together:

Dear friends and neighbors,
Today is Election Day! Polls are open from 6am-8pm. You can find your polling location hereIf you encounter any problems locating your polling station or voting, contact our election day headquarters at 973-568-7548 and we’ll try to sort things out for you!
Remember: your vote matters! A School Board seat was decided by only 34 votes last year. And make sure you vote your three votes for the entire Forward Together slate of Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene: Column J 1-2-4. This year the board majority is at stake and we can’t afford to lose even one seat!
It’s urgent to Get Out The Vote! Be sure to wear a button or a t-shirt, and get a balloon or sign for your stroller. Drop by our election day headquarters at 626 Bloomfield St. for a cup of coffee and to pick up anything you need. We’re open bright and early this morning at 6am!
We need to show Hoboken there’s overwhelming support for Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene! You can help ensure high voter turnout by messaging or emailing your friends to remind them how important this election will be. 
And after the polls close, please come out and join fellow 1-2-4 supportersat the 10th and Willow Bar and Grill, 935 Willow Ave.
Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene are extremely proud to be endorsed by so many of our Hoboken civic leaders, families, friends and neighbors who are voting 1-2-4 for Hoboken School Board:
Mayor Dawn Zimmer
Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro
City Council President Jen Giattino
Councilman Ravinder Bhalla
Councilman Peter Cunningham
Councilman Mike DeFusco
Councilman Jim Doyle
Councilman Tiffanie Fisher
School Board Trustee Sharyn Angley
School Board Trustee Tom Kluepfel
Ronald Bautista 
Bindya Bhalla
Deirdre Wall and Greg Bond
Melanie Brueggemann
James Castiglione 
Margaret Clarkson
Cristin Cricco-Powell
Ed and Michele Daly
Kate Deer
Gina and Ben Dobson
Cristina Dulay
Dawn Fitts
Kurt Gardiner
Sophie Gelin
Joe Giattino
Magda Gray
Ruchika Grover
Emily and Peter Jabbour
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Alexis and Christopher Kelly
Chetali Khanna
Chetali Khanna
Manasi Khedlekar
Peter and Sung Kim
Peter and Sung Mee Kim
Linda Kwok
Linda and Arthur Kwok
Jenny Labendz
Frank Magaletta 
Diana McDonough
Jean Marie Mitchell 
Kristina and Andrew Nash
Sivan Noy
Graziella Peri-Wieder
Dylan and Shirael Pollack
Jackie Dowd Prince
Jackie and Jonathan Prince
Sarah and Chad Raynor
Suzanne Schiavelli
Emily Rudin and Eric Schmaltzbauer
Joyce Wang Simons
Shefali Samrai and Balraj Singh
Vera Sirota
Vera and Eric Sirota
Lindsay Speranza
Melanie Tekirian
Alejandra Villarreal
Amy and David Warshawsky
Megan Yavoich

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