Friday’s police presser good news for Hoboken, but not for everyone

Friday morning’s press conference on the police was no regular Saturday matinee.  There wasn’t much time to dig in as the media advisory had gone out only the night before.  But being an outsider has some distinct advantages.  You can look at the situation just like any member of the public and in so doing ask some questions the public might have and more importantly seek.  It’s an important role for the press to play.

So just as this big shindig was about to kick off, the mayor comes down the stairs followed by her administration, several of her council allies (who took some heated grief in arduous City Council meetings) and a group of HHA members along with Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Now what’s wrong with this picture?  Okay, can you identify what doesn’t quite fit?

People take their places with the mayor as the Friday presser was to kick off.  Something is off kilter.

Well if you look at the upper right side of the photo, it looks like the Administration and HHA lineup has been hijacked.  Minutes earlier, Councilwoman Beth Mason was on the phone and seemed content to watch the event with other spectators but suddenly she found inspiration.  She navigated past Da Horsey and cameras and went up the stairs and decided this might be actually good news and hey, did you see all the TV cameras?  This is going to be one helleva photo op.

One, two, three, four, whoa there’s a lot of TV cameras prepping for this one.  MSV is not counting the little tripod and small consumer camera on the right.  The little lonely figure standing there is Lane Bajardi, roving political conspiracy reporter for Hoboken411.  He’s looking over to Lenz’s campaign manager Sam Briggs, (top left) beneficiary of a Hoboken411 hatchet job earlier today.  Briggs ran Dawn Zimmer’s winning mayoral campaign last November.  To the ubermensch Mason fanatic, that’s unforgivable.

But wasn’t Beth Mason opposed to the Zimmer administration’s plan to overhaul the police department?  Didn’t she applaud in a City Council meeting just days earlier there should not be one layoff, her rightsizing plan from her mayoral platform  a year back be damned?  Well it looks like it’s her.  Or maybe it’s a double.  Why would Beth Mason an ardent supporter of well, all things Beth Mason be joining in and standing behind Mayor Zimmer?  Okay, let’s double check the film.

Beth Mason made her way into the camera shot just as the presser was to begin surprising Director Alicea.  

Okay, that’s definitely Beth Mason and she’s apparently caused some confusion with Public Safety Director Alicea who has turned halfway around somewhat confused with the party being crashed.  MSV didn’t see any words exchanged, but Beth seems to be communicating a message of her arrival on the scene.

As the event was just beginning, it didn’t seem Mayor Zimmer was aware of the new addition to her group.  Then without warning and not a minute into the proceedings, Beth Mason decided she was no longer for this Mayor and the administration and bolted seconds into the event commencing.  Did her purple pluming poodle Lane Bajardi give her a signal to get the heck out of there?

Beth Mason can probably answer the question herself, but she jetted during the introductions.  She apparently realized as the mayor was going through the list of names written into her speech of those present and Beth Mason wasn’t going to be named or credited.  Ironically, Mayor Zimmer saw her floating about and politely added her into her remarks.

Perhaps this confusion can also be chalked up to an old Brady Bunch episode.  Substitute Dawn for Marcia. Beth Mason will be playing the part of Jan seen below.

Talking Ed Note: Still no video on Friday’s presser from the self-described “most complete website for news and business” over at Hate411.  Is the little angry ghostwriter feeling okay?  The site of hate for all things Dawn Zimmer is losing its intensity.  There’s a brief note now even admitting the police jobs are saved “for now” but it gives the credit to Police Chief Falco and Hoboken Resident Perry Belfiore.  MSV respects Chief Falco but he handles the controls leading the day to day operations, he doesn’t have a hand in executive decisions such as layoffs and neither would citizen Perry Belfiore.

For the record, MSV filed an earlier exclusive noting for the record City Hall had made a commitment to saving jobs based on retirements.  On Friday, 13 such retirements were announced as part of a plan that will save all the police jobs.  As long as the final seven of those commitments follow through as anticipated, Hoboken will not see the loss of any of the youthful vitality on the police force.

Although Hoboken411 has all the video, they can’t use it.  Otherwise people will conclude like most everyone else, it’s actually good news.  Instead, they weave their typical political conspiracy, courtesy of the little angry man.

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