Freeholder Anthony Romano heralds $1.4 million ℅ CARES Act funding to Hoboken

The following story comes courtesy of Hudson County View:

O say can you see? Hoboken may be the
target of leftist efforts to remove the Mile Square City
and American history with the Columbus statue.
Talking Ed Note: There’s noise that the effort to undo America and erase its history and remove landmark statues is coming to Hoboken. It’s a woke Marxist requirement.
At least one anonymous commenter notes Mayor Ravi Bhalla is back with another secret second portion to his “Defund the Police” leftist virtue signaling and is on board to see removed the Christopher Columbus statue from the Mile Square City’s Columbus Park. 
The anonymous commenter suggests its council members Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour acting in concert with Ravi Bhalla. 
Thanks for the tip anonymous commenter. More to come.

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