Franz Paetzold revelations: The Unmasking

Promoted from the MSV comments, Politrickery writes:

In spring 2011, Franz ran a mysteriously low-bandwidth campaign, with no Web site, no platform information disseminated, no effort to provide people with any particular insight into what he thought or stood for, and in fact seemed to be going out of his way to be as vague and trope-ridden as possible when it came to articulating any policy positions, offering reform-minded voters a vague whiff of being an “independent” alternative to the Zimmer-endorsed candidate about whom Mason’s propaganda machine had successfully sown doubts, stemming from smear pieces regarding his personal finances and questions about his longevity in Hoboken. 

Shortly before the election, Franz wrote a letter to the editor declaring his desire to “reform our elections process… have the Council make responsible development decisions; and take a serious look at our rent control problems.” He made no mention of any concerns he had about Mayor Zimmer’s publication on the city Web site, two months prior, of information regarding Councilman Michael Russo being caught on an FBI tape agreeing to accept illegal campaign money from a developer, disparaging the legal and proper zoning and planning process and “this pay-to-play nonsense,” and boasting of having abused his role on the Hoboken Housing Authority, which serves as one of the city’s rent-control/affordable-housing solutions. If anything, one might have expected, given Franz’s key stated platform positions of election reform, responsible development, and rent control, he of all people might have been among the most outraged and appalled at Councilman Russo’s conduct. 

Instead, Franz waited until after the election, upon which he almost immediately stated the exact opposite — essentially that Russo’s rights were being infringed upon by a political thug. 

Here is what he wrote: 

“I am against the mayor using the city web site to issue such a politically charged statement for the following reasons: 

First, it is unfair to have taxpayer money support a website that houses a statement that many people in our community may either disagree with or find repulsive. 

Second, this creates dangerous precedent because in the future the mayor may again use the city web site as an unfair tool to attack political opposition. In theory she could even destroy her political opposition with such a weapon. 

Third, this undermines the value of the city web site. Residents rely on the city web site as a source for good, reliable and unbiased information so that they can form their own point of view about what is happening in our city. 

And fourth, this breeds political belligerence because it prompts opposition Council Members or other political operatives to respond in kind. And the last thing our town needs is more political fighting.” 

Mayor Zimmer’s concern for making the public aware that one of our representatives, wielding the public trust, had engaged in a very serious betrayal, doing even greater damage to people’s ability to trust their elected officials in a community still recovering from the Cammarano scandal of 2009, was, in Franz’s view, “political belligerence” that some people might find “repulsive” 

Also interesting is that prior to the election, numerous people trying to learn more about Franz and his platform claimed to have reached out to him on Facebook and received no response, yet within days after the election, Franz is said to have begun aggressively using Facebook to try to connect with anyone and everyone in the Hoboken political community, regardless of whether he’d ever met them in person. 

There is no room for ambiguity here — Franz is possibly the biggest phony this town has ever seen, and a complete and utter weasel who cannot be allowed to slime his way into office. It is imperative that his ambition to get onto our City Council be shut down before it 
ever gets off the ground.

Old Guard Row: At the February BoE meeting, the Old Guard turned out in force to fight feared November elections when more people may turn up at the polls.  In addition to Beth Mason and Matt Calicchio, yes that’s Franz Paetzold sitting next to Frank “Pupie” Raia and he joined in opposing November elections.

Talking Ed Note: Franz Paetzold is welcome to respond with a submittal addressing any facts of his earlier “campaign,” and his hopeful plans for Hoboken elected office.  His YouTube channel is available here.  Yes Franz has created his own YouTube channel.

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