Frank Raia makes last desperate play at his voter bribery trial

With the defense taking less than a day, Frank “Pupie” Raia took the witness stand in Newark at his federal trial to defeat the testimony of former political allies and friends against him.

He pointed the finger right back at those who accused him of being the Vote-by-Mail king in a voter bribery scheme.

“I wasn’t involved in what they were doing,” Raia offered by way of a defense.

Raia was responding to a trio of government witnesses who flipped and pled out for a reduced sentence (Matt Calicchio) or agreed to testify in lieu of prosecution (Michael Holmes & Freddie Frazier).

The government screws turned and turned hard.

Frank Raia (l) with Freddie Frazier and Patty Waiters at this 2016 City Council meeting up for another NHSA term.
He’s up for a different kind of term in Newark on trial for allegedly directing a voter bribery scheme.

Read the rest of the breaking coverage this afternoon at the Hudson County View:

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