Frank “Pupie” Raia pulls plug; seeks court action to withdraw from council race

In a major development in the Hoboken City Council race, Hudson County View is reporting Frank “Pupie” Raia is going to court to withdraw from the third ward race.

According to the report, Raia claims his health is the reason for exiting the race.

Other reliable sources however point to a Russo deal having been cut with Mayor Roque to keep Raia on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. (MSV was working on that story earlier today.)

The Hudson Reporter alleged repeatedly a rumor never confirmed said Raia sought to stay on the Sewerage Authority in a much a hyped Russo allegation of a deal with the administration.

The rumor went nowhere and now Raia is suddenly withdrawing with the smoke circling around a Russo Clan deal.

Michael Russo was previously stated in the Hudson Reporter months back to be going into business with Mayor Felix Roque right before his latest troubles with the Feds exploded in more legal problems.

See the complete Hudson County View exclusive:

Laughing beneficiary. Michael Russo will likely see no opposition and
his opponent, Frank “Pupie” Raia is seeking via court to have his name
removed from the ballot for Third Ward City Council.
Ok, now we can talk about a deal. MSV is investigating
exactly that involving West New York and the NHSA.

Talking Ed Note: How does West New York benefit by using its NHSA seat and putting Frank “Pupie” Raia on it?

The Hoboken Old Guard clearly thought this was a necessary deal. How will Sully swallow this one?
Try to beat the Horsey and get one right.

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