Four retired police are back on “the job”

Some recent retirements with the Hoboken Police Department means the end of a career with the organization but it doesn’t mean they won’t be seen on ‘the job’ again.

Four retired officers now have found greener pastures in retirement – as civilian workers at reduced pay – compensation that won’t be adding to their pensions.

Robert Castellano – back on the job.  What is this?
Pictured at a September City Council meeting, Mr. Castellano is back
working at the HPD as a civilian since his November retirement.

The four recent retirees: John Castellano, husband of Councilwoman Terry Castellano, Bernard Della Fave, Jose Rivera and Emil Donfrio previously all earned more than $90,000 a year.

Castellano and Della Fave who both retired November 1 are now working as police aides at $35,360 a year.  Rivera who retired on the same date was hired back as a $35,360 civilian dispatcher along with Emil Donofrio who retired earlier on August 1.

Arch Liston the town Business Administrator is quoted saying the civilian roles are a positive, “They’re (already) trained.  They know the systems.  They know radio terminology.”

The story reported today for the Jersey Journal was broken by reporter Katie Colaneri.

Talking Ed Note:  Some residents have speculated that Mr. and Mrs. Castellano are pulling down hundreds of thousands per year based on their acquiring prime real estate and various business interests inflated over the years in value by the arrival of ‘newcomers.’  Mr. Castellano stated in the story the civilian work in the HPD is required to fund three college tuitions.

Do the positions come with benefits?  That’s not clear to this point.

A month or so back at a local eatery two police officers came in to grab a bite to eat and within earshot discussed two expected retirements.  One noted he didn’t understand why one person would retire and then return as a dispatcher.  ‘Why retire if you are going to stay around here,” he remarked to his colleague.  The other officer mentioned this was the second retirement he had learned about in recent days.

As Da Horsey was sitting at the next table, it was hard not to hear this chatter.  The officers continued to talk about their retiring colleagues and then a call to the Hudson Board of Elections forced MSV to leave a voicemail inquiry.  In doing so, our name was left in the voicemail.

The officers at the next table immediately fell silent.  Sometimes one forgets invisibility doesn’t exist in town anymore.  The days where a horse can anonymously trot around town are apparently over.  The local police make up a regular readership on MSV and sometimes members have commented.  Their confidentiality is protected as anyone else.

Unrelated: Ten Hoboken Police Officers were apparently issued various steroids as part of a widespread distribution to law enforcement around the state reported in the Star Ledger.  Hudson County holds the strongest representation in the breaking story where a doctor in Jersey City (now deceased himself at the young age of 45) issued all types of steroids.

 The Jersey City Police and Fire lead way according to the story with dozens issued those prescriptions, while Union City is represented in the double digits joining Hoboken in that special juice club.

The story did not name individuals throughout the state who were questionably prescribed steroids by the doctor.

The complete story from the Star Ledger:

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