Former Hoboken Freeholder candidate: ‘No more Beth Mason and her fascist supporters’

Kurt Gardiner’s remarks as prepared for delivery to the Hoboken City Council December 16, 2015 on the departure of Beth Mason. The contents as seen below are his reasoned opinion.

Tonight’s City Council meeting is a special meeting to me for it’s the last night 2nd Ward Councilwoman Elizabeth Mason will be misrepresenting Hoboken residents. We will no longer have to endure her scorched earth politics involving behind the scenes operatives, massive political expenditures found illegal by NJ ELEC, use of PACs to fund smear fliers in the last 6th Ward election, her wanton and reckless obstructionism with respect to Hoboken’s hospital, fixing Washington Street, the Municipal Garage, and open public support of the Pravda of Hoboken websites and purveyor of political porn yellow journalism, Hoboken 411. 
Reflecting on the demise of Beth Mason’s political “career,” former
editor of the Hoboken Journal, Kurt Gardiner opines on the years long
war against the First Amendment undertaken by Beth Mason.

This is a woman who as a political public figure has demonstrated that she will go to any lengths to suppress her constitutionally protected critics. This being accomplished with smear articles by her operative ghostwriter and editor on Hoboken 411, purported frivolous lawsuits by operatives falsely claiming harassment including herself for simply being served  a subpoena and of course the landmark victory for First Amendment rights in the defeat of her minion Lane Bajardi vs. The Hoboken Bloggers. In the issued legal decision favoring the defendants last July, Judge Patrick Arre stated that this litigious action was a “SLAPP lawsuit disguised as defamation case” and that “it approached a fraud upon the court.”

Numerous emails obtained in discovery have shown the extent of political operations covering quote “Beth Mason’s flank” by the plaintiffs including an email with Lane Bajardi pleading with Ricky Mason to support his potential legal action. Now that we know the facts of the case and have the legal judgement, the main purpose of the whole lawsuit was to suppress her critics and send them into bankruptcy as a few Beth Mason supporters have stated to me personally. Thank goodness for the just verdict and the fact we live in the US and not some dictatorial totalitarian regime. The idea of a gulag for bloggers has firmly been rejected by the courts.

So here we are on the cusp of a major First Amendment victory for freedom of speech in Hoboken and just today a bitter core Beth Mason supporter told me to stop blogging which I have not done since 2011. I do reserve the right to comment as I see fit and still do as stipulated by the First Amendment. Again, what is it with Beth Mason and her fascist supporters who seek to suppress free speech of their political opponents? The hypocrisy is overwhelming. There can be no transparency without constructive criticism.

I will not miss Beth Mason in Hoboken City Council and we will not have to deal with her duplicitous pro Monarch Towers bait and switch proxy either in Monarch Man

I will not miss her abuse of the court system as a tool of retribution toward political opponents, the attempt to bankrupt Hoboken by killing the Hospital deal, saying no to Washington Street fixes, going AWOL for two months last summer, her stating nonsense over the budget process misreporting surplus numbers and general anti-Administration vitriol without constructive purpose.

Perhaps now politically retired, Mrs. Mason can spend time with pursuits she is passionate about, tracking giant killer raccoons and performing squirrel autopsies. 

Bloggers may not be journalists but they have a right to free expression. In the immortal words of journalist scion Edward J. Murrow; to you Mrs. Mason I say as politely as I can, Good Night. Good Luck. And Good Riddance.

Kurt Gardiner (l) seen here at the 10th anniversary of 9-11 at Pier A
with former NJ State Attorney General Paula Dow and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.
Kurt Gardiner is the former editor of the Hoboken Journal and a long time supporter of the Reform Movement in Hoboken. In 2011, he ran an upstart independent campaign for Freeholder garnering the most votes of any candidate running against the HudCo Machine in the county. 

In view of Mayor Zimmer Wednesday night presenting plaques to the departing council members, Gardiner decided not to deliver his remarks during public portion opting instead to have them published here on MSV.

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