Former councilman Dave Mello advocates runoffs In Hoboken

Appearing for the first time after his two terms and eight and half years as a Hoboken city councilman,  Dave Mello spoke in public portion to urge the legislative body allow voters to decide if they want to see runoff elections reinstated in November.

Out of the gate, Dave Mello remarks how he learned in the early am hours of June 20th on a local website Mayor Dawn Zimmer was backing out of running for another term. While he doesn’t name the website, it’s fairly obvious it’s MSV.

Mello didn’t dwell long on the issue but stated he hadn’t spoken to Dawn Zimmer about her decision and received a short text when he sent her one about that fact. Later he recounts that he doesn’t expect to speak to his “former friend,” in the future.

Urging the city council to allow the voters to have a choice on whether they wish to bring back runoff elections, Dave Mello noted that without runoff elections Dawn Zimmer would have lost her fourth ward council bid in 2007 and her mayoral bid in the spring of 2009 without further voter participation.

In December, former Mayor Zimmer attempted to stop a November referendum where voters will decide after five years if they wish to bring back runoff elections.

The City Council voted 9-0 approving reintroduction of the ordinance to see runoff elections decided by Hoboken voters in November.

Talking Ed Note: Expect to see Dave Mello advocate at times on issues of public concern as a private citizen. While one paid political operative of the Bhalla campaign doesn’t want to see his voice or any other conflicting with every desire of the new administration; he’ll be back.

One can only hope the ceaseless whining for totalitarian control over every aspect of Hoboken government would end. Don’t hold your breath.

As for the former mayor, it’s certainly not a good look Dave Mello didn’t get so much as a phone call she was dropping out. This illuminates some on the rumors of the lack of communication and treatment of allies making them former allies. It’s part of the reason we saw the Reform Movement detonated for personal gain.

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