Forever Advocate for Hoboken sends Ravibot cultists into tizzy

A comment by an anonymous but insightful screen name called Forever Advocate has sent Sybil’s Cave and its mistress of misinformation and fabrication for its small band of Ravibot cultists into a lather.

According to crazy lunatic fringe conspiracy promoter Sybil, re: Nancy Pincus herself, she’s claimed the commenter is current Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

The undressing here is a matter of public concern and mental health. Prepare the rubber room!

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher is attacked by Nancy Pincus once again.
This time the latest Pincus lying screed claims she’s commenter Forever Advocate.
Except Hoboken’s biggest policy wonk isn’t. MSV is taking bets from any
loon stupid enough to wager on the latest foaming frothy stupidity out of Sybil’s Cave.

What facts does Nancy Pincus, the head cult of personality loon for Ravibots present as her evidence?


That’s zero, zip, nada, nunca. Add whatever language you like to the reign of error and stupidity as not a single morsel of common sense exudes anywhere there.

Facts be damned, there’s Hoboken’s chief policy wonk in the councilwoman the chief target and it’s the usual Hoboken411 Bajerkoff style of character assassination not even mixing in a morsel of fact.

Nancy Pincus just made it all up. This after she’s proven wrong yet again in pronouncing an ordinance on rear egress to Hoboken homeowner’s backyards a threat by big developers, per Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s orders from reality. (That homeowner relief will be back and likely see overwhelming support in the City Council next month.)

Here’s the comment that set off the head Ravibot cult of personality fanatic Nancy Pincus below.

If anyone is all about protecting their “friends” (a.k.a. donors) it is Ravi. The only thing he gives higher priority to than that is moving his Washington D.C. aspirations forward. The item that Ravi was censured for is very real, very unsettling, and very serious. For him to continue to try to spin this narrative of Bhalla = “good guy” and DeFusco = “bad guy” is absurd and not based in reality nor facts. 

Ravi will demean an upstart, dynamic Democrat to build political capital with his campaign manager’s guru. Ravi will take pictures with controversial “leaders” on trains, without any thought as to who they have or have not offended. Ravi will bad mouth a fellow charter school parent, colleague, and neighbor via thousands of dollars of inappropriate campaign literature, and try to say it’s all being done in the name of fighting Donald Trump. 

Ravi is a joke. His lame, politically motivated narratives are far from funny though. Maybe Ravi should focus on running a city properly, instead of pulling a fast one on the Hoboken taxpayer, lining up a “nothing to see here” second income stream, bloating his administrative staff, or using his staff as a personal bully pulpit and PR hammer against the Council members who actually see service to the community of Hoboken as their first priority. 

Hoboken’s mayor Ravi Bhalla took this photo on a train from Washington DC with anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour. Last week, a terrorist facility abusing children was busted where training the kids to become school shooters uncovered. The person arrested running the facility is the son of an imam Sarsour calls her mentor.
Another story points to the imam an alleged conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing.

The comment apparently hit far too close to home and sent Sybil’s neurosis out to immediately “strike back.” Although thought to be visiting family in Japan, (hey look into the restrictive immigration policy there Syb) she’s obsessively reading MSV across oceans and issuing more misinformation and fabrications from there.

Can Nancy Pincus give the lying and Hoboken411 imitation a rest for a few days on vacation? Not a chance.

MSV doesn’t know or post information about commenters and if it does know in a select circumstance would never give up that information. Seven years into a frivolous litigation, no one has ever been given up even as this website never saw as much as a single allegation made against it when its operation and commenters were obsessively targeted.

Definitively, MSV can state that Forever Advocate is most certainly not Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. The second ward councilwoman is a notorious policy wonk who rolls up her sleeves and dives into issues deeper than any Hoboken elected official. That includes the often City Hall absent, second job holding Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Forever Advocate has struck a nerve and apparently is a very knowledgeable observer of Hoboken and its ambitious mayor who is on an eternal tour to get the job of elected politician elsewhere.

Nancy Pincus going batshit crazy while on a family vacation
thousands of miles away in Japan. Sad.
She falsely accused Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher of
making an insightful comment on MSV under the screen name:
Forever Advocate. 

MSV reached out to Councilwoman Fisher on the accusation but couldn’t decipher the full answer refuting the allegation. She was laughing too hard.

Talking Ed Note: Anyone who wants to place a bet on Nancy Pincus being correct in her latest fabricated attack on Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, place your bets at

The Horsey will be happy to take your money. Place your bets moronic Cavedwellers!

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