For the love of 1984

Late August seems like an appropriate time to pause and ponder the wealth of ideals surrounding us.
Here’s the original film 1984, the first rendition of George Orwell’s famous book “1984” brought to celluloid.

It’s an appropriate time to sit back and read the original but take a gander at the first 10 minutes and see if it reminds you of anything.

War is Peace; Ignorance is Strength; Freedom is Slavery… Violence defeats “Bigotry?”

Talking Ed Note: Wouldn’t you know one of those slogans found its way into a Hoboken mayoral campaign. Nationalize, yes nationalize my friends and you will be freed of all common sense.
May your hate and embrace of disinformation deliver the State a powerful ceaseless victory.

Related: Over on, Al Sullivan of the Hudson Reporter is accused of thought crimes.
One can only guess where this hysteria of stupidity against the First Amendment may end.
Apparently, it won’t be ending today. Good luck and hang in there Al.

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