Flashback: Video proof of MORTe trying to interfere with FBI investigation on massive looting of City Hall and Mayor’s Office

Last night, Councilwoman Beth Mason attempted to make an argument there was no interference by her and Morte with the  FBI’s ongoing investigation into a data breach in City Hall.

Here’s the original video from June 14th showing the discussion where the lame duck council majority headed by Beth Mason consisting of MORTe and the soon to be departing Councilman Nino Giacchi does exactly that.

Note early in the discussion where the Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin says their attempts to jeopardize an FBI investigation will be on their heads:

“To the extent that these emails and their release taint the FBI investigation or otherwise corrupt that investigation, that’s on you guys, that’s not on me.”

Councilwoman Beth Mason and Michael Russo both sponsored the resolution attempting to put into the public domain thousands of emails, likely tens of thousands of emails in an ongoing FBI investigation.

This even after the FBI had contacted the Corporation Counsel and asked him to impart a message to the City Council in a closed session.  Instead of listening to the City attorney, MORTe fights to go to a vote and not hear anything from the FBI.

Why were they so adamant in doing so?

The more you know…

Talking Ed Note: Here’s the original June 12th video from a City Council meeting where Council members Beth Mason and Michael Russo were asked about if they had seen any of the emails they were asking for in their co-sponsored resolution.

They both refused to answer the question.

Got emails?

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