Fixin’ the roads – $2,000,000 bond for Hoboken on tap @ 8:00

Technical problems look to have reappeared at City Hall resulting in no live or online record of the City Council meeting.


The pulse of Hoboken is shifting rapidly as the better weather combines with the holiday weekend ahead making the council meeting tonight feel anti-climatic.

It shouldn’t be as one of the biggest concerns is the state of the roads after a very harsh winter severely impacted the region.

Six votes are needed for the City to make some headway to tackle the woeful state of our local roadways with a $2,000,000 bond.

One can only hope it’s not as painful as the basic things needed for Hoboken. Common sense says the vote should be unanimous but often it isn’t and politics with a barrel of sabotage is too tempting for some to resist.

Perhaps the political reality of the public vocally going off should temper such ideas.
Certainly way past time.

Talking Ed Note: The meeting time tonight is delayed due to the Hoboken Memorial Day Parade.

The budget and a political resolution attacking the BoE is on tap too but the timing couldn’t be worse following the announcement of 63 layoffs just this past week. That’s the Old Guard council for ya.

The agenda:

Update: The $2,000,000 bond for road repair passed last night unanimously 9-0.

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