Fire retiree terminal pay at risk of Hoboken Soprano sabotage @ 7:00

When you hate the people running Hoboken on the second floor at City Hall, you have to come up with ways to undermine and hurt the City for your political gain.

Tonight’s special council meeting called by the mayor is part two of such a plan, a staple in the Hoboken Sopranos playbook.  Some Hoboken firefighters have opted for retirement over remaining in the Gov. Christie passed pension reform plan.  As a result, municipal employees statewide are choosing to leave.  
This incurs a one time hit to municipalities called terminal leave.  In this case, Hoboken is on the hook for $700,000, a figure only accounting for those who are retiring to date.  The City anticipates more fire employees to put in retirement papers by September.
The Hoboken Sopranos’ goal is to strip the City of Hoboken of any surplus, a consistent sabotage against sound financial advice by ANY municipal expert.  But don’t ask them to name financial  experts they are basing their actions; it’s sabotage and hate of the mayor driving them.
They are so petty in their hatred, they are willing to hurt Hoboken firefighters – all with an eye to draining the surplus.  There’s just one problem.  Hoboken’s mayor actually believe a surplus is important.  Hurricane Sandy has only confirmed to Mayor Zimmer how critical a surplus is but not months after, the Hoboken Sopranos are back to the same old games.
Tune in at 7:00 or watch the replay to see the Hoboken Sopranos in action.  Will they once again shoot down the sound financing for terminal pay to the retiring Hoboken fire employees?  
Those are municipal employees, the very people they claim to represent.  What matter more to them, harming Hoboken and getting in a shot at the mayor or allowing the City to use a state approved five year financing formula as most any “normal” NJ municipality.
But Hoboken is special is in the words of Councilwoman Terry Castellano.  

Talking Ed Note: Mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos is entering the fray, talking about this issue with typical Old Guard misinformation hand delivered to Hoboken Patch. Well he’s cut from that same Hoboken Soprano cloth.

Are you surprised?  Did you think he would try to project a professional image on sound financial action by the City?  As it turns out, the council slate is only a skin deep figment of that imagination.


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UPDATE: 4:45 – Hoboken411 has stepped in to do the propaganda work for the Hoboken Sopranos. It’s been a while since they’ve resorted to such use since the FBI came in and slammed through the office of Perry Klaussen pal Patrick Ricciardi.

Although the Fire union’s are concerned about seeing their members paid, the HOBOKEN SOPRANOS announced they are boycotting the special meeting.

And because of their lawsuit AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF HOBOKEN on appeal blocking Jim Doyle from participating, the meeting will lack five members required for an official meeting.

In other words, it’s a masterstroke of obstruction and sabotage but this time it’s against the Hoboken Firefighters.  Previously, they had blocked needed capital improvements to the police department over months before finally giving in and approving them.

Here’s the talk from both sides of the Hoboken Sopranos mouths, courtesy of the corruptocrat pathologically lying fascist censor Perry Klaussen at Hoboken411:

“Mayor Zimmer continually refuses to work with the duly elected members of the City Council who will not simply rubber stamp her agenda,” Councilman Occhipinti said, “There is no reason these items cannot be voted on at the next regularly scheduled council meeting.”
Councilman Michael Russo added, “Our fire fighters work hard to serve our community. They deserve the money owed to them. Unfortunately, Mayor Zimmer would rather fund patronage and special interest projects than give our fire fighters their rightful compensation.”
Councilwoman Theresa Castellano believes these special meetings are meant to circumvent public input and deter attention from mismanagement by the Zimmer Administration.
“Every time the administration has something it wants to hide from the public a special meeting is called. This is not the open and transparent government that Mayor Zimmer promised residents,” Castellano said.
Councilwoman Beth Mason agreed with her colleague’s sentiments.“Hoboken is home to working class residents, many of whom have children. These last minute special meetings are very difficult for residents to attend. The cost of running the meeting is also an unfair and unnecessary burden on taxpayers,” Mason said.  
So let’s break this down from the code:
Occhipinti: You don’t have a fifth vote, so we win because we can now SUE and BOYCOTT!
Russo: This statement makes no sense but it sounds like we want to pay you firefighters.  Maybe we will, when/if we feel like it.  For now you’re cannon fodder in our sabotage of Hoboken.  Better luck next time guys.
Castellano: Stop forcing us under this microscope making us accountable.  We hate it.
Beth Mason:  All that stuff my ops had the Hudson Reporter write was just a ruse to get more love from the Hoboken Sopranos and have Ruben Ramos kiss my rear end.  You think my family sues everyone for nothing?  This is exactly why we file appeals after Judge Bariso handed our ass to us.  So we can thumb our nose at the mayor and all of Hoboken.  Yes, I’m lazy and for obstruction, so what?
How does the leadership of the Firefighters feel now?  If they had anything to say, the Hoboken Sopranos just made sure they can’t say it in a public meeting with a binding vote!  There can’t be a public hearing on the agenda items!
Include this as an item on the brief to the NJ Appellate Court.  This isn’t deep cynicism courtesy of the Hoboken Sopranos – it’s normal operating procedure.  Congratulations!
Oh and regret to the Hoboken firefighters who deserve more consideration than they are getting from the Hoboken Sopranos after decades of service.

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