Feeling the election heat and Hoboken girl power

We’re in the dog days of summer but Hoboken’s November election is quickly picking up steam with the approaching August 31st deadline for filing petitions to run for Hoboken City Council. One thing the weekend Hudson Distorter political column got right last weekend: the six of nine council seats up this fall are critical to Hoboken’s future.

Currently, Reform oriented council members hold a slim 5-4 majority although the contentiousness of the Old Guard council alliance fractured after the stunning Reform sweep in November 2013 led by Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

“Between the Lines” struggles in diagnosing Hoboken and its politico “noisemakers.” We’re on tinder hooks awaiting an update to the December column predicting Mayor Zimmer’s resignation. After months of repeating the mayor was stepping down, the column issued itself a reprieve earlier this year saying it would happen by September. In the end, it was likely nothing more than an Old Guard fabrication to feed the Old Hoboken voter base increasingly opening its eyes to the OG and how reform governance serves them better.

The Beth Mason reality – no one wants her

Beth Mason has been AWOL, blowing off four consecutive City Council meetings since Hudson Superior Court issued its scintillating July 8th frivolous lawsuit decision.  She’s been felled by the blow to the SLAPP-suit, having announced it herself in a live council meeting back in 2012 BEFORE it was filed.

Meanwhile, the Old Guard are bitterly complaining Mason doesn’t return communications as they are trying to get favorite son Peter Biancamano going as a second ward candidate. He’s being urged to get his petitions filed but suffers from a potentially fatal Hamlet (or Pupie) dilemma.

Second ward candidate-in-waiting Tiffanie Fisher is seeing an outpouring of support from neighborhood reform backers and residents dying to have actual representation on the City Council. None of which aids slow starting competing campaigns by others. Fueling Fisher further, no one’s forgotten Mason ignored the second ward citizen alarm on the much detested Monarch project.

Equally telling, the Beth Mason paid political operative Weehawken fish who’s been running the second ward council seat in all but name has also gone to ground after last month’s legal decision ordering $280,000 in legal fees and sanctions for frivolous litigation.

Mason’s bottom feeding fish has been largely incommunicado since Hudson Superior Court Judge Arre’s devastating final ruling on the three year SLAPP-suit highlighting the “misrepresentations” throughout by Beth Mason’s intimate political friends Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi.

Reliable sources say there’s another reason for the stony silence. A subpoena with the fish’s name on it is calling out, “here fishy, here little fishy.” The fish knows and is on the run. Sign of things to come? Turnabout’s fair play, especially when karmic retribution’s attached.

Meanwhile, as Tiffanie Fisher marshalls support, Biancamano is collecting petitions but sitting on the sidelines flummoxed by the incumbent. Mason’s former allies are “fed up” with her antics with one saying of her, “She’s really a rotten person.”

That wasn’t the worst of it either. Add another “she is” declarative statement ending with the article “a” and the the “b” word.

That’ll leave a mark.

The Old Guard’s done with Beth Mason casting aside the Mason family checkbook which funded many political operations and the litigious councilwoman’s political lawsuits to advance its agenda going back to at least 2009. Mason may have been their fling when her family underwrote and led the 2011 political operation to destroy Hoboken University Medical Center and with it Hoboken’s finances but when it comes to the Elysian Park monster raccoon and dog attacking possum critter problem, Beth Mason stands alone.


Hoboken’s Golden Girl Dana Wefer

More Sully humor on the weekend arrived with word that Dana Wefer is a Lenzbian. This will come as quite a shock to Wefer’s husband who with his wife are expecting a baby girl soon. Other than being fourth ward neighbors there’s no Lenzbian “connection” and Wefer isn’t looking to replace Mayor Zimmer at City Hall. That noise is coming from suspect politicos not the reform fourth ward council candidate.

Sully sadly gets taken for a ride by people he should have long held accountable. Hoboken Reform’s golden girl could see a Rosemary’s Baby scenario being fed to him next next. Rest assured, it’s Wefer’s betrothed who is the daddy not the Prince of Darkness. “Between the lines” is free to use any of the published Bench Slapped emails from the Beth Mason crew if it can ever get them past the Distorter’s censors. At least then you’d have a real story.

Dana Wefer represents the core of Hoboken Reform. That won’t change other than her becoming BFF’s with sixth ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino and anticipated second ward council contender Tiffanie Fisher. Hoboken does not suffer a dearth of competent girl power running for elected office.

The Horse revealed

People are still congratulating Da Horsey wherever we go in the Mile Square on the huge First Amendment Bajardi v Pincus win last month. The three year civil lawsuit Mason supported isn’t over and there’s a related criminal trial for Beth Mason’s criminal allegations against MSV with a new trial date set for September 9th in Jersey City.

Free speech loving Hoboken residents want to know more about who’s the horse behind Da Horsey.

Why ask why? Get on board what promises to be the best coverage this election season. $75 gets you a ride on the anti-corruption steed through November and beyond. 
Da Horsey’s gonna make some noise. Giddy-up.


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