Feeling the Bern and the bernout in Hoboken

A Bernie Sanders bus came to Hoboken on Sunday promoting support in the June 7th Democratic primary.

The scene with several dozen supporters seemed subdued with Hoboken Police present to give the group some room to chant slogans and enjoy their First Amendment liberties.
Perhaps the event was smaller due to the preceding fiasco at the Nevada delegate convention where the Sanders campaign saw its delegate count being usurped by the Clinton Machine despite cries of voter suppression and abuse of the Robert Rules of Order.

A Bernie Sanders campaign event arrived in uptown Hoboken on Sunday.

A Sanders supporter with decked out Bernie backing doggie lingered after the event.

Last of the dwindling Masonistas: John Keim and Ines Garcia Keim signatories to the PAC underwritten by Beth Mason and Richard Mason to savage City Council President Jen Giattino last fall in a bid to see Carmelo Garcia installed to the City Council attended the Sanders rally.

Last fall, a PAC led by Ines Garcia Keim and John Keim: “Real Democrats for Hoboken,” flooded sixth ward voters with dirty campaign mailers before the election. Grafix Avenger pulled back the covers on the ugly political operation.

Another Grafix Avenger investigation showed the PAC broke NJ campaign law exceeding the spending limits, a Masonic specialty. 

Right before election day, this campaign mailer was sent out repeating a lie by Beth Mason used in an earlier political attack. Council President Jen Giattino went to Indianapolis on her own dime to learn how Hoboken might benefit with the Super Bowl in New Jersey the following year.

Council President Jen Giattino didn’t spend a nickel of taxpayer money nor did she or the City Directors attend the Super Bowl as Beth Mason falsely claimed.

Photo of Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino stolen from MSV and used in a barrage of campaign mailers rehashing discredited lies by Beth Mason to aid Carmelo Garcia’s election bid. It failed.
And the photo of Council President Jen Giattino above was stolen from MSV and used without permission or compensation.

A letter to Ines Garcia Keim and John Keim from MSV’s attorney has gone unanswered. The next legal communication could find its way to the underwriters and get to the bottom of the scene of the Krime.

Related: MSV also covered the dirty political hit job on Councilwoman Jen Giattino before the Hoboken City Council elections.

Councilwoman Giattino remained steadfast through the nasty barrage believing Hoboken voters would see through the vicious lies. A broken polling machine on Election Day didn’t stop Jen Giattino from trouncing Carmelo Garcia and she was promptly voted City Council President for a second term by her council colleagues.

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