Fear mongering tactics appear with flyer on HHA Special Meeting tonight @ City Hall


Carmelo Garcia in desperate action to stave off Special Counsel investigation in the HHA

A flyer appearing at the doors of HHA residents yesterday falsely states their “homes are at stake” leading into the special meeting tonight at City Hall 7:30 in City Council chambers.

While a special meeting is mentioned as called by Chairwoman Dana Wefer, the real reason for the meeting is not mentioned anywhere. The communication urges HHA residents to come to the meeting implicitly with the objective to not saving their homes but aiding Carmelo Garcia, the controversial contracted head of the agency who is under fire for numerous problems revealed within the HHA in recent months.

On tap is one resolution for consideration to appoint a special counsel who would have powers to investigate alleged malfeasance reported in vendor contributions to Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and procurement outside of federal guidelines in the millions of dollars.

At least two HHA vendors have been identified as doing work in the HHA with no contract valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and giving money in political contributions to Carmelo Garcia.

Flyers are restricted in the HHA to landlord approval so the massive leafleting is viewed by residents as coming from Carmelo Garcia himself.

The flyer posted yesterday advises there will be shuttle buses beginning at 6:30 tonight to City Hall for the special meeting.

The Hoboken Police Department is expected to be in attendance.

There will be no live feed by City Hall as this is a federal meeting not a City of Hoboken meeting.

The public may attend and after the resolution is considered, a public portion will be available.
The meeting is scheduled for 7:30.

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