FBI Data Theft investigation in Hoboken to see new conspiracy evidence emerge in 2015?

With the long holiday weekend, MSV dug into the vault on one of its biggest exclusive stories over its five plus year history. The adage “the more things change the more things stay the same” comes to mind.

The FBI obtained one arrest and conviction on the massive conspiracy on the City Hall (DTR) Data Theft Ring back in May 2011. New evidence may come to light in early 2015 seeing the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI in Newark re-examine bona fide evidence on the co-conspirators who walk the Mile Square streets. 
One arrest and conviction does not a conspiracy make. A conspiracy involves two or more. MSV is absolutely certain there’s evidence of more about to hit the unweighed scales of justice in 2015. 
Unlike a City Council meeting, testifying under oath to not seeing emails stolen out of Mayor Zimmer’s office from early 2010 to May 2011 in a court of law is perjury. Some quite comfortable with committing perjury may see fit to repeat the habit. 
Bring it.
Happy New Year!
Here’s one exclusive MSV classic with Councilwoman Beth Mason, circa November 17th, 2011 with an appearance from yours truly questioning Beth Mason on seeing stolen emails out of the mayor’s office.

It’s a question she refused to answer.
November 17th, 2011

Beth Mason’s unintended confession: ‘Prove my guilt’

At the Monday City Council meeting, public portion became a gold mine, a fount of information for the keen observer of MORTe on the question of their single minded determinedness to make public tens of thousands of emails from the mayor’s office last spring.

The FBI came to Hoboken in late May and scooped up all the data including what was coming and going to the Mayor’s office – a key element of what’s on tap is nothing short of a full blown racketeering conspiracy – RICO in legal parlance.

After MSV completed its comments and questions noting the odd coincidence of the council minority seeking the release of the same emails as the FBI uncovered in a massive conspiracy against City Hall, Councilwoman Beth Mason made some intriguing remarks.

Here it is as transcribed by Grafix Avenger:

“Council President, first of all I’m raising concerns because these are issues of libel.  And I’m gonna make it very clear.  That there are significant issues here and unless there’s proof I’m going to say I’ve NOT seen those emails and maybe Mr. Brice should release the emails between you and the mayor’s political aides that I asked so we can really see what has been a coordinated effort as a smear campaign between those of us who don’t agree with this administration and continue to speak out and you’re not gonna shut me up!  

I’m tired of this constant (?), false accusations between members of this council.  If you have proof come with it, stop talking, show your effort.”

Councilwoman Beth Mason meant to reply to MSV’s questions but looks
to have confused doing so with her legal position on the FBI investigation.

Seeing Beth Mason’s complete remarks in print, the first thing that jumps out is this:

… unless there’s proof, I’m going to say I’ve not seen those emails.

Let’s break this down into two parts:

a) unless there’s proof
Councilwoman Beth Mason is dismissing the inquiry she’s seen any of the emails the FBI now demonstrates have been illegally taken from City Hall and distributed to at least two people (and likely a host of others) unless there’s proof.

This is hardly the statement of an individual proclaiming their innocence.

It’s an invitation actually, an invitation to the US Attorney’s Office to go to trial.  Why would Beth Mason be saying such a thing?  MSV believes this reveals what we’ve only shared in premium content until now:

Beth Mason has been speaking to both the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office in protracted negotiations on her role in the Data Theft Conspiracy Ring and likely not on the release of emails they hold in an ongoing investigation as she’s repeatedly stated.

Why would the FBI agree to ANY release of emails part and parcel to an expanding investigation? There’s nothing logical in that and any federal attorney would say the same.

If the FBI is willing to make emails public that’s part of an ongoing investigation, let’s see that in writing.  (No laughing please.)

Beth Mason based on these remarks looks to have accidentally betrayed her “internal” position on the matter to the FBI.  She’s stating a standard of proof is required.

Where does one sift through the proof, the nuts and bolts evidence?  That’s done in a court of law – at trial.

Now on to the second part:
b) I’m going to say I’ve not seen those emails

Again, this is not the statement of someone proclaiming their innocence.  This is a politician’s language showing that until caught dead to rights, they will hold their position to the full extent possible.  What it appears Mason is implying is she will hold to this steadfast position until she been convicted in court.

Talking Ed Note:  Councilman Michael Russo left the dais early in MSV’s remarks and on departure directly after, we noted he was standing at the back of the room to the left of the door leaning against the wall and was watching.

He didn’t budge from that spot even as Da Horsey exited.  Back in early June at the City Council meeting, both Council members Mike Russo and Beth Mason would not answer a simple yes no question from MSV on whether they saw the emails.

Beth Mason said “I’d be happy to have the council answer questions after the public is finished (commenting),” but neither she nor Michael Russo answered the question.

At the time when the question was made, Councilwoman Castellano fought to contain laughter.
Think she’s laughing now?

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