The face of Hoboken’s Democratic Party?

Today is the primary election for two Assembly seats and the local party committees.  Hoboken’s Reform movement last year overturned the control of the Democratic Party Committee and has a real fight on its hands now.

Michele “five dollars a tow” Russo is working hard to get people out to vote so she can get her hands back on the local machinery.  Historically the Hoboken Democratic Party has been a vehicle for wheeling hundreds of thousands of dollars into the hands of La Familia, greasing the wheels for elections and polluting the whole body politic in town.

Michele Russo, the objective never changes: power = money, money = power.  

Win or lose, it’s critical to elect every decent Democratic Committee person.  Although the bylaws have been updated to rid the practice, you want to make sure the Old Guard doesn’t get their hands on the wheel.

They are not exactly bashful about using it for personal enrichment.  Michele Russo was a commissioner of the Hoboken Parking Utility.  The FBI did not pursue her in what looks like was a plea deal with ex-mayor Anthony Russo.  But surveillance tapes report she received a kickback for every tow in town.  It was $5 a tow in testimony from the owner of Pino’s towing.

Today Hoboken has an election to see if it doesn’t get towed back.

If that’s not enough to consider making a visit to the polls, Councilwoman Beth Mason is email blasting with her usual coterie of fabrications.  Here’s her latest assault on Mayor Zimmer:

Unfortunately, Mayor Zimmer, who serves as Honorary Chairwoman of the Hoboken Democratic Party, is not standing up for our Democratic values. Instead, Mayor Zimmer has:

  • Endorsed Republican Governor Chris Christie for reelection.  
  • Supported the Christie administration state-aid cuts for NJ Transit, Hoboken Schools, and Women’s Healthcare Facilities.
  • Supported Christie’s bully tactics including his calls for “taking a bat” to 76 year-old Democratic State Senator Loretta Weinberg.

Time to hit the polls.  Yes, again.  Take out your neighbors too.  In these small elections, every vote is critical.

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