Exit Stage Left, Timmy Occhipinti’s ex-employer oddly enters stage right

There’s no conclusive election importance about the self-proclaimed Timmy Occhipinti resignation from his support analyst position at a midtown financial firm.  Even if a non-starter as part of any significant impact on the Hoboken mayoral race, the question for some has not been fully answered.

What prompted Timmy Occhipinti’s very odd exit from his job?

MSV can say with absolute certainty, there is currently strong interest in his Hoboken political doings at his former employer Alliance Bernstein.  Either the employer or someone in the firm has a strong interest in viewing numerous stories about Occhipinti from several local sources. 
The question is why which opens up a whole other pandora’s box, not of the mole making kind.
Talking Ed Note: If merely a typical employee departure, why would an employer be conducting detailed investigation into the doings of an employee who left more than a week back?
Occhipinti announced just over a week ago he was resigning from his long held job as a help desk support analyst with only a little more than a month left to the November election.

Contrast this with Steve Fulop who resigned his vice president in equities and trading position over a year in advance to focus on his run for Jersey City Mayor.  Fulop announced his resignation in March 2012 in advance of the May 2013 election more than a year later.

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