Everybody must get stoned

Here’s a video from on the medical marijuana law’s passage in New Jersey.  Having passed in the State Senate and Assembly it goes to Gov. Corzine who will sign it before he leaves office January 19th.  It’s not as free wheeling as the California law apparently based on comparisons of the legislation but it will be available in six months. What’s interesting is there is absolutely no discussion about the prescription available of marinol, a pill derived from the effective ingredient in marijuana: THC. As you watch the video, you’ll note the pill form and its availability never comes up at all. From personal experience as a caregiver, MSV knows this pill has been available by prescription for well over a decade now in New York State.

When they show the clips of the people in California, you’ll actually hear one “medical user” comment on how it’s better quality than when they used to get it off the street. Which kinda leads you to believe the usage preceded any medical condition.  (When you see the same guy toking on a pipe, well that’s the money shot as they say.)  California is rumored to have rampant abuse of the law’s intended target. It strikes MSV as correct that the people with chronic illnesses are being used as mere tools to help achieve wider access for people who are borderline applicants at best or out and out abusers of the drug for reasons having nothing to do with any medical application.

There’s some reference also to crime levels rising around the clinics where the marijuana is distributed but that’s not convincing without the statistics to support such a contention. Bottom line; it’s typical of a strategy to gain acceptance, cry victimization and then keep pushing the envelope.

Is anyone in this society not a victim any more?

Here’s a link on the drug’s effects and why it doesn’t make any sense to make a wager with someone who’s been partying. They won’t recall the bet.  Makes it kinda hard to collect.  Now we’re not taking a moral position against the drug itself, although its abuse can certainly be couched in those terms, but we just don’t like this creeping incrementalism toward decriminalization, which is what this is really about.  If that’s the goal, then push for its passage, not in the name of compassion.

Those that favor the legislation, would you like to see a distribution clinic next door to your home?   Well you just might in about six months.  We’ll call it a jobs creator, yeah that’s the ticket.

Update: California is considering legalization now.  They’ve run up the tab and it looks like they are out of ideas and this is the one they’ve come up with for tax revenue.  From the article:
The law would also call for a fee of $50 per ounce sold and would help fund drug eradication and awareness programs. It could help  pull California out of debt, supporters say, raising up to $990 million from the fees.

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