Ethnic Cleansing attorney Louis Zayas attacks mayor on diary, calls her SandyGate allegations “sheer fiction”

Attorney for Carmelo Garcia of “ethnic cleansing” fame launches fusillade of attacks on Mayor Zimmer

In an exclusive interview taped with Hudson County TV’s John Heinis, attorney Louis Zayas launched numerous attacks on Mayor Dawn Zimmer on her allegations against Gov. Christie and

Zayas represents HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia in the infamous “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit thrown out of Hudson County Superior Court last month against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and former HHA Chairman/commissioner Jake Stuiver.

In the video, Zayas alludes to a contradiction over a diary requested during the Angel Alicea discrimination case against Hoboken he represented saying he asked if one was available and was told at that time there was none.

According to Zayas, his client Angel Alicea saw Mayor Zimmer taking notes in a memo pad at meetings.  He questions the veracity of the diary’s existence in the SandyGate allegations against senior officials in the Christie Administration.

The mayor’s diary initially was a key point highlighted by national media in her allegations against Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno and other Christie officials.

Zayas seizes on the disparity as he calls the mayor’s allegations against Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno “outrageous” and  thinks it”sounds odd and unusual” with the delay of eight months before the mayor went public.

The “ethnic cleansing” lawyer seized on the difference of criticism against his client, former public Safety Director Angel Aliciea on FBI Solomon Dwek’s offers to Alicea that “wasn’t a crime” but the mayor didn’t go public with what he described as an “extortion attempt” by Gov. Christie’s Administration.

Zayas concluded the mayor’s SandyGate allegations were “sheer fiction and falsehood in every respect.”

Hoboken Communications Director Juan Melli declined to comment referring to direction from the US Attorney’s Office not to discuss the ongoing SandyGate investigation.

The original report is available at Hudson County TV:

Talking Ed Note: Louis Zayas certainly voices strong opinions on SandyGate but the question of if and when Mayor Zimmer maintained any diary is one which will be verified by federal law enforcement.  Zayas is not a US Attorney and that question among others will be answered by that federal agency in its investigation.

So why the vitriol?

Well Zayas is sitting on a million dollar verdict bonanza courtesy of a Jersey City jury (no Hoboken residents were on the panel) in the Alicea discrimination lawsuit and the City is showing every intention of appealing it – tying up a huge payday to him and his client.

In addition, Zayas’ other client, Carmelo Garcia was humiliated seeing a questionable obviously politically motivated civil case thrown out of court on the first pass in Hudson County Superior Court.  The “ethnic cleansing” aspect of the case brought national attention on Hoboken  and is a stain on both Carmelo Garcia and Louis Zayas.

In the filing, Zayas and Garcia claimed Mayor Dawn Zimmer sought to implement a competing Vision 20/20 plan – where none exists.  

Has Hoboken heard the last of this and Louis Zayas?  Absolutely not.  The political-public aspects are clear.  Carmelo Garcia was handed a position for NJ assembly on the machine line courtesy of State Senator Brian Stack, a staunch Gov. Christie backer.

Take a look at the photo behind Zayas, which governor is he pictured with there? There’s more in the shadows here than meets the eye.

The politics no longer surround a lucrative land deal using the projects to turn millions in profits via Vision 20/20.  It’s not about one inconsistent discrimination verdict, a politically motivated “ethnic cleansing” civil suit, a billion dollar Hoboken project (Rockefeller Group) and/or a billion dollar Fort Lee development project.

The stakes are far larger, chief among them the US Presidency itself.

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