The envelope is shrinking

A 29 year old Hoboken man was robbed at gunpoint last night on 7th street not far from the A&P supermarket.  The robbers took his wallet with $100 in cash and his iPhone valued at $200.  The Jersey Journal has all the details.

Talking Ed Note: As the economy has declined and unemployment soared to over 10% we were waiting for these kind of stories to make their way into town.  If you are a regular reader of Hoboken Now and you get a good amount of coverage on Jersey City.  As we do as part of our natural day to day journey, we couldn’t help but notice the violent activity surrounding Hoboken and wonder how much longer it would be before those type of crimes make their way here. 

One police officer we know told us about the increase in robberies by former Wall St. workers. We said how much could that possibly net half joking but he said, “Well the mortgage has to get paid.”   

Is this gun crime a trend or just an isolated incident?

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