Enter an American President – La Grande Orange! Donald Trump is elected President!

In a massive repudiation of the establishment, its media arm as demonstrated in WikiLeaks and globalist control of the US, the American people have risen up and in nothing short of a second revolution elected Donald Trump to President of the United States.

After a long drawn out evening with much back and forth drama in several states centered on Florida throughout the evening, it was the unlikely state of Pennsylvania putting Donald Trump over the top past 1:30 in the morning.

The Keystone State took the honors called by the Associated Press on the heels of an upset in Wisconsin and Michigan likely to fall in Trump’s column padding his final electoral tally. The Hillary Media airwaves refused to follow suit for an indeterminable time even with 99% of the Pennsylvania vote tabulated.

Trump, the political outsider, took on 17 challengers including the Clinton syndicate making the forgotten American a centerpiece of his campaign and they responded delivering him a stunning and massive electoral victory.

With the new President-elect, a Republican controlled legislative branch with a majority in both the Senate and Congress, the first time such a feat has occurred in almost a century; the US wakes up to a less divided government come January.

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is a slap of cold anger to the swarmy condescending elites and the Clintons who felt no corruption was beyond their desires. So too, a repudiation of the feckless eight years previous where Americans on the whole saw no better days ahead for themselves and worse, their children while the rule of law and the nation’s borders where treated as nothing but political tools for building power.

In the wings, former New York mayor and US Attorney Rudy Giuliani who will be likely summoned to “drain the swamp” as Donald Trump said frequently on the campaign trail.

The NY Times projected Donald Trump would see over 300 electoral votes when the final tallies were rendered. 270 are required for the win.

Talking Ed Note: Of all people, it’s John Podesta at 2:00 am appearing and refusing to concede the election tonight saying instead, “Let’s bring this home!”

The refusal to concede with an anticipated 300 electoral votes for Donald Trump with a concession speech from Hillary Clinton means she will not accept the clear will of the American people. It’s one final act of Clinton corruption in their bottomless grifter hypocrisy.

America can only hope there’s not escalating acts of violence to follow.

Update: Hillary Clinton finally threw in the towel past 2:30 am conceding in a phone call to President-elect Donald Trump.

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