Emergency Appropriation

The City Council is working well together tonight.  In terms of overall seriousness of items on the agenda and effectiveness, this is the best we’ve seen in a long, long time.  Everyone deserves credit for actually taking the business of the city seriously and working together in a constructive manner.

Finance Director Nick Trasente is now up going over these numbers.  Councilman Mike Lenz seems to get lots of quiet approval in terms of examining this and giving it his support.  That probably carries a lot of weight based on his financial background.  It will with the majority coalition on the council no doubt.

Sudden motion to table the spending bill from Councilman Lenz.  Not happy there is no flexibility to alter to just get priority items paid.  Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi has told Nick not to alter the emergency appropriation bill.  His hands are tied by his boss who is charged by the State.  In fact she can go ahead and push this through and has done so before.

Councilman Lenz is asking for clarification on what Nick can do on paying the bills need to be paid.  Nick Trisante is not bending to that desired reality.  He’s saying she can do it on her own authority under State supervision.

(Outside chambers Nick Trasente explains he agreed to sort through some changes some months back and later the fiscal monitor had gone ahead with the original plan under her authority.  He said he’s just following through on her instructions.  Councilman Lenz comes out and tells Nick he is doing a good job. All the tension is removed.)

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