Election rationalizations, Masonista doings and City Council tonight

The League of Municipalities meeting this week moves the City Council to a rare Monday evening guaranteed to generate little attention and news.

Will it be the perfect scene for springing an attack on Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s council seat?
Her family is preparing to move back into her home next month, a Christmas gift to themselves after suffering as many did with long term damage due to SuperStorm Sandy.

For the Old Guard, this is an what they see as an opportunity and with their full fledged minority status laying not far off in the distance once again, what can they do to possibly turn around the stop ahead?

Councilman Michael Russo was last seen crunching numbers at the Ruben Ramos HQ the night of the election but he missed the council meeting the next day rumored to be many miles away in Florida.

Will he be back to lead an Old Guard political operation with merry holiday thoughts of picking off Jen Giattino from her sixth ward seat?  Will sixth ward committeeman Joe Branco be back to show his “concern” for the popular sixth ward councilwoman to inquire again if a resolution was passed so she could move several blocks north while repairs were being made to her home?

If any of this sounds unseemly, you don’t know Hoboken’s Old Guard.  This for them is typical fare and the usual political machinations for power even when things don’t go right for them at the polls.

There’s always the Mason family litigation option to put the brakes on good government.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino – is her sixth ward seat the object of envy
for the power seeking litigious Old Guard? 

It didn’t stop two hard core Masonistas from heading over to take photos of the Giatino residence on a recent Saturday.  An OPRA request for the construction permits at the residence was filed but no one has said more about it other than vague unnamed references here and Grafix Avenger.

Another fanatical Masonista performed a similar job, this one outside the home of a BoE trustee on lower Garden Street, child in tow before the election.  Would noting that be grounds for the editors of the Hudson Reporter to proclaim victimization of an unnamed “Hoboken couple.”

Will anyone cover the story of their less than savory relationship?

Did you know a neighbor witnessed the odd event on Garden St. and took quite a memorable photo?  A Hudson Superior Court judge will find it most interesting in the case of political operative denials in the SLAPP suit.

The truth is coming out in the wash.  All of it.

Back at 7:00 with the City Council meeting.

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