Election Humor Plus

Reader Lincolnlogger raised a question on who had the idea first on a cost per vote breakdown regarding our reference to Hoboken Now’s story.  We doubted there was any theft of an idea  that was often discussed in this election with the Mason Campaign spending in the ballpark of a half a million, but just in case, Amy Sara Clark called it standard post election fare and offered this Jersey City story from earlier this year as an example.

Now here’s a related joke from this election.  Two political operatives from opposing camps run into each other on the street.  The first representing Mayor Zimmer asked the other in the Beth Mason campaign if he knew what the record was in NJ for cost per vote in a losing campaign.  The Mason operative replied in the negative, “I’m not sure what it is but I’m pretty sure we’re going to break it.”

True story.  We sat on this one since last week just to make sure we didn’t leave any tracks where this guy could get fired.  Yes, even when a good joke is at stake.

In another story of interest, the White House actually did polling to see about replacing Jon Corzine in the statewide Governor’s race.  After the polling came back poorly and that included Newark mayor Corey Booker, they landed up making a number of trips on behalf of Jon Corzine but it still failed.  At least this doesn’t reflect on the White House though.

Related: Bill Pascoe who supported Nathan Brinkman also did a piece on the earlier rumor.  This one had reached our ears in the summer as well. 

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