Eduardo Gonzalez steps ahead for the Carmelo Garcia – Ruben Ramos ticket

Multiple eyewitnesses verify Eduardo Gonzalez, a former Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner and Quality of Life group member is collecting council petitions for a run this November against incumbent Councilman Peter Cunningham in the fifth ward.

Gonzaelz, an ironclad vote for the status quo under the “ethnic cleanser” suing former Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia is expected to help round out a ticket under the Ruben Ramos banner.

One example of the low key Gonzalez’s ironclad HHA vote? He voted “yay” approximately seven times to re-appoint Charles Daglian for HHA counsel repeatedly put forward by Carmelo Garcia.

The insistence on bucking the clear will of the majority of HHA board of commissioners was one factor leading to further inquiries inside the agency later exposing a litany of problems.

The illumination of misdeeds and piles of steaming bad financials appeared almost as soon as Gonzalez’s rubber-stamp vote supporting every action by Carmelo Garcia was replaced.

Gonzalez’s departure led to the City Council appointing new HHA commissioners Dana Wefer and David Dening. Once they took their seats, the massive cover ups became unwound and undone revealing massive malfeasance within the agency.

Oddly Gonzalez, a financial banking professional, wrote this troubling letter (below) to the weekend paper last year before the explosion of problems surfaced within the HHA.

Gonzalez is anticipated to round out a broad citywide ticket led by the fourth ward unannounced candidacy of Ruben Ramos and Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia in the sixth ward.

Eduardo Gonzalez, a rubber-stamp vote for the controversial
Carmelo Garcia while on the Hoboken Housing Authority board
is collecting petitions to run against Councilman Peter Cunningham
in the fifth ward.

Housing Authority is on stronger footing

Dear Editor:

I served only one term on the Hoboken Housing Authority but with cooperation and open dialogue the board
and executive director made great strides. One of the first things I noticed was several findings in our audits,
lack of a budget surplus, and several other financial metrics that were deficient. Working with the board as
Finance Chair and with the executive director we sought not to just improve but secure the financial stability
of the Housing Authority. First we hired a new CFO, then we changed the fee accountant and the final step
in the financial puzzle was changing the auditor. These positive adjustments immediately paid dividends for
the Housing Authority. When the one, two punch of Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy hit, we were
financially secure and able to deal with emergency appropriations. The focus was able to stay on restoring
the operations of the authority and bringing back some normalcy to our resident’s lives.

After just five years the Hoboken Housing Authority is now more financially stable, crime has come down,
the quality of life of residents has gone up and the Housing Authority is looking to the future. I feel that I
have contributed to the turnaround of the Housing Authority and have left it on better footing than before.

I will always stay involved with the Housing Authority community and residents. I have had the pleasure of
getting to know the families better and feel my life more enriched for that experience. I will continue to be an
advocate for affordable housing and for the families of the Housing Authority. Finally, I’d like to thank my
fellow commissioners for these past five years and hope that they will always keep the best interests of the
residents and the HHA in mind.

Thank You,

Eduardo Gonzalez
Now Former Hoboken Housing Authority Commissioner 

Talking Ed Note: Will Eduardo Gonzalez bring this kind of fact-challenged financial acumen to City Hall?

This letter comes right out of the Carmelo Garcia School of Science Fiction.

MSV has always found Eduardo Gonzalez charming, professional and engaging. He’s one of the few professionals aligned with the Old Guard and can muster an argument in face to face dialog; making him all the more dangerous than their usual standard bearers.

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The ugly audit that could not be suppressed after Gonzalez’s departure on the HHA.

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