Downtown redevelopment via NJ Transit gets public input tonight @ 7:00

A years long battle on the future landscape of downtown Hoboken may be at hand with the public sounding off on the most detailed vision for the 2.3 million square foot proposed development.

Initially proposed by NJ Transit, the powerful monolith with heavy political statewide backing, the years long saga on how much, what and where has been one of the biggest issues in the context of Hoboken’s future visioning.

The current proposed plan is a far cry from the skyscraper NJ Transit proposed as a linchpin coupled with smaller towers and approximately three million square feet of mixed development by the rail yards.

NJ Transit refurbished the landmark clock tower in downtown Hoboken. The public agency is looking to do far more
in Hoboken and the public will be offering its input in line with the City’s ideas on partnering with the public agency.

A special meeting called tonight by City Council President Jen Giattino seeks public input on the scaled back plan envisioned by the City seeking to bridge a compromise, about one-third with a far smaller “sky” footprint overall of what NJ Transit sought.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer once again is the rock withstanding pressure from many places looking to obtain what is best for Hoboken. Tonight the public has its chance to weigh what’s currently on the table and voice its perspective.

Without Hoboken’s Iron Lady, much of the public position may never have even entered into the discussion. One person on the council with a “develop or die” mantra their calling card had invited NJ Transit to pitch their overdevelopment direct to the public in its “civic” office seeking to undermine reigning in the agency’s influence on Hoboken.

Does a hoss need to tell you who the traitor in our midst is?

More later as MSV will broadcast the meeting live for those not attending.
City Council chambers tonight @ 7:00.

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