Downtown First Ward candidate Mike DeFusco: ‘Ability to compromise with new energy will breach Hoboken’s political divide’

From the desk of first ward City Council candidate Michael DeFusco:

Mike Defusco

Friends and Neighbors,
Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, is less than two weeks away. Over the past five years as a Commisioner on our City’s Zoning Board, I’ve fought to see our neighborhoods move forward while still maintaining Hoboken’s unique size and scale. I know that my experience, energy, and ability to compromise will breach Hoboken’s political divide. If elected, I will advocate for innovative land use around Hoboken Terminal, turning the empty and unsightly area into a small park — a place for recreation, outdoor cafés, and food kiosks. This will have the added advantage of helping the southeast in withstanding storm water damage in Hurricane Sandy-like events. While I strongly support the planned northwest and southwest resiliency parks, both of which were opposed by my opponent, we need more green spaces downtown. 
Another important topic for our transit-centered community is the recent PATH service cuts. I want to again restate my extreme disappointment with these cuts. Like many of our neighbors, I take the train daily to NYC and the decrease in scheduled service not only lessens our quality of life, but seriously hurts downtown business. 
Most people think that their vote doesn’t matter but in this election, your vote is critical so let your voice be heard. It’s time for new energy and new ideas to move Hoboken forward, so please mark Election Day, Tuesday, November 3!
Your neighbor,
Mike DeFusco

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