Don’t look back in anger. It’s hot out there.

From Da Horsey’s stable file, the classic spat between council members Dave Mello and Mike Russo surrounding the petulant text reader Tim Occhipinti is the subject of this Friday night summer fights.

Is this a right hook or cross Mike Russo is throwing at a surprised and barely grazed Dave Mello?

Or is it just a trick of the light?

Councilman Mike Russo makes an emphatic point to colleague Dave Mello at the conclusion of the June 29th Council meeting.   While things have cooled down since, Hoboken is in a  heat wave.
What else may be heating up soon?

This photo courtesy of the June 29th City Council meeting includes the head of 4th ward politico Nick Calicchio who is usually not eager to be in pictures but wanted to be in this one even after invited not to.  He moved to block the shot at the invitation.

Who’s going to be throwing the next punch and where?

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