Does this help?

Not to be outdone, one reader submitted the above curious as to the impact.  Their feelings were not altogether positive about this tandem and ironically we’re not so sure if the Jon Corzine camp feels the same.  After all, they didn’t invite the Councilwoman to come up on the stage at the Teak event last week, even after Beth Mason had endorsed him. The Governor did however invite the Acting Mayor.  Well it is her home turf after all. (Click for the full graphic.)

We aren’t going to ask the Corzine campaign their feelings on this political work of art.  Seems like they have a lot bigger problems on their hand.  The latest Qunnipiac poll just came out today.  Last week they had Corzine surging into a five point lead, and today their poll has Chris Christie taking a two point lead.  That’s a seven point swing in five days!  The third party candidate Chris Daggett once believe to be a real third party threat is now fading.  Much of it is defecting to Chris Christie based on the internals from the Qpac poll.

Yesterday a neighbor told us they had to go to the airport to pick someone up.  The flight was delayed as President Obama was in town for his third visit to push Corzine.  People were circling Newark Airport for hours as a result, awaiting landing permission.  They were really teed off when their flights finally did land.  How much of that carbon stuff gets pumped out as a result we can’t say.  But it’s all okay, at least it’s for a good cause right?  Sort of like Al Gore making tens of millions off of global warming and living in a house using the energy of five American families.

We’re reminded of our favorite fifth grade author, George Orwell.  Some animals are more equal than others.  Just depends on how you sort out on the “Animal Farm.”

Talking Ed Note:  Da Horsey has already gone on the record handicapping the local race.  But on the statewide race we noticed our jolly green giant colleague at The Hoboken Journal has come out with a banner ad for Jon Corzine.  (Hey Kurt, for $25 million spent on his campaign, at least the guy could do for the free banner is buy you a beer.)

Unlike the local race that we only handicapped, we’ll go on record predicting defeat for Jon Corzine.  There’s not enough dead NJ voters on the rolls to change this one.  And the Corzine campaign’s request to not toss absentee ballots out for bad signatures, if allowed won’t save the day either.

The next governor of New Jersey will be Chris Christie.

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