Ding, ding, ding… Last call for Leprecon

It’s almost last call for Leprecon and the pulse of Hoboken is strong having survived the latest iteration of a mardi gras type party.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer tweeted minutes earlier:

Talking Ed Note: What was clear as each hour came and went stayed consistent through most of the day.  A much smaller event was being well managed by a very effective law enforcement effort with added resources from neighboring communities.

While final figures on arrests aren’t available just yet, it’s fairly clear Hoboken won’t see the dozens from last year and nowhere near the one day record of hospital admissions on this day last year.

Hoboken Fire and Police held the upper hand as a result and they were magnificent!  They didn’t ask for the rocket fueled bar crawl but they stood tall for the community.

They deserve both the community’s thanks and gratitude. 

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