Did Rami Pinchevsky beat Tim Occhipinti in the 4th ward election?

Examining Tim Occhipinti’s election campaign report doesn’t only show questionable movements of money from his benefactor Beth Mason, much of that is  demonstrated in both the admitted wheeling and questionable money activities.  From a pure voter examination standpoint however, did Rami Pinchevsky in fact beat Tim Occhipinti in the May election?

Last fall’s 4th ward special election extended to Hoboken some eye-opening voter trends.  In a race where less than a thousand votes historically determines the winner in the ward, the Tim Occhipinti campaign cranked out 500 paper vote-by-mail ballots alone.

This prophetic sign on lower Jackson St. foreshadowed what looks apparent in the 4th ward election again.  Tim Occhipinti’s campaign has sytematically bought and paid for the margin of victory.

When the final tally came in, his campaign boasted they won the election on the machines.  MSV questioned that assessment and notes one longtime resident, Patricia Waiters went before the City Council not long ago citing her personal observation of voters paid with marked up currency to go and vote at the machines for Tim Occhipinti.

A public statement of such magnitude would usually garner attention but the press present ignored it along with her damning public testimony.

Hoboken we have a problem.

Now in the latest installment of Tim Occhipinti: ‘How to buy votes and influence elections,’ reader mcgato noted the balanced expenditures for both the paper ballots and the machine variety.  Clearly Tim Occhipinti’s campaign decided an adjustment was in order.

$35 checks: 252 (mostly for vote by mail is my guess)
$50 checks: 262 (mostly election day is my guess)
$100 checks: 34 (I’m guessing an organizer bringing in a group of people, judging by the check numbering)

Vote By Mail for Tim: 276
This would mean that Tim’s VBM that did not have a $35 check attached to them are about 24. Rami’s VBM is 34. 

Machine votes for Tim: 747
This would mean that Tim’s machine votes that did not have a $50 or $100 check is about 451
.  Rami’s machine vote is 645.

Eliminating the money for votes would see a tally of Rami Pinchevsky over Tim Occhipinti 679 – 475.

Those figures would actually fit far better across the ward races on that day where summer like weather arrived and the overall turnout in the city was lower.

Or one could chalk up the four digit vote count to Tim Occhipinti as an “Analomy.”
That’s what David Cruz, the foul mouthed Occhipinti spokesman called the absurd ratio of paid vote-by-mail ‘campaign workers’ revealed by MSV leading into the fall election.

Does law enforcement see a pattern worth investigating here?

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