Democrats for Honest Government for Democratic Committee

The following editorial was submitted by Hoboken resident and Democratic Committeeman Phil Cohen:

To The Editor,

I write to ask our neighbors to come out and vote on June 7th and show your support for an outstanding city-wide slate of candidates working to bring transparency and accountability to local politics. We are Democrats for Honest Government running for Democratic Committee under Column C.

Each year, the local Democratic party elects representatives from each district of every ward (72 in all). In 2006, two reformers, Ann Graham and Rick Kamber, were elected to the Democratic Committee. When they requested copies of the Committee’s bylaws and financial records, they were met with silence. So four years ago, a number of like-minded neighbors decided to run together to reform local party politics. We made an impact, winning a third of the 72 seats. Three years ago, along with other reformers, I was elected to the governing Executive Committee, and appointed chair of the By-Laws Committee. Two years ago, I spearheaded the unanimous, historic passage of the Democratic Party’s by-laws which ensure transparency in spending and, among other things, prohibit funneling the party’s fund-raising to campaigns for non-partisan elections, like Hoboken’s mayoral races. Last year, for the first time, reformers took majority control of the local Democratic Party. We worked hard to build the party, successfully supported our Democratic Team in the General Election, and stayed true to the spirit of our new by-laws.

In the recent past, the Democratic Party wheeled hundreds of thousands into former Mayor Dave Roberts’ election campaign and former Mayor Anthony Russo’s election campaign. Thanks to our by-laws, we have changed the way our local party does business.

We need your support on June 7th to continue the fight for Honest Government. We are Democrats for Honest Government, along with Councilman Ravi Bhalla who is running for State Assembly. Vote Column C for Change.

Thanks for your support.

-Phil Cohen
Vice Chair, Hoboken Democratic Party

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