Democratic committee snapshot via the Lane Bajardi – Bench Slapped lens

Hoboken Democratic Committee history with Lane Bajardi and the Russo Faction

The Democratic Committee in Hoboken is in the news, courtesy of a Horse and so MSV thought it would be fun Friday entertainment to take a look back at its recent history through the delusional time tunnel of the lunatic fringe Masonistas.

The entertainment comes way by Beth Mason’s political operatives and their rabid desire to control, spin, contort, manipulate and deceive the Hoboken voter at every possible turn.

For more on one typical political operation against the people of Hoboken featuring Old Guard council members playing themselves, see Grafix Avenger’s slamming story uncovering the extensive political operative efforts of Beth Mason’s “not paid for friendship” political operative.
Lane Bajardi: Here’s my draft resolution.

In 2010, the Hoboken Journal covered the Hoboken Democratic Committee vote for chair. Old Guard sympathetic political columnists were predicting a Russo faction victory as elected members who turned up to vote select the chair. Kurt Gardiner found the predicted outcomes off base and attended the committee meeting after the election to report on the vote.

In an email titled “They keep winning everything,” to Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, the actual report of the Hoboken Journal was attached:

From the same 2010 Hoboken Journal story, there’s this additional tidbit down memory Lane:

Lane Bajardi responded to an inquiry from Hoboken411 sock puppet and blog owner Perry Klaussen if a usual ghostwritten story of the Democratic Committee vote will be forthcoming.  The Russo faction defeat doesn’t go down well with Beth Mason’s friend “not paid for friendship” who responds in his typical venomous fashion.

The following year, Lane Bajardi submitted this foaming at the mouth story published (word for word as always) on Hoboken411. The true, original segment which follows comes from Lane Bajardi’s actual attached Microsoft Word document to Perry Klaussen.

Bajardi describes the Russo faction Democratic Committee members as “independents.” More entertaining, he describes Mayor Dawn Zimmer as a “Lame Duck” destined to lose the 2013 Hoboken mayoral race.

Lane Bajardi’s closing epitaph here is beyond ironic as he highlights the 2011 FBI investigation of the stolen emails out of the mayor’s office and bizzarely concludes she may be found guilty of some federal crime in the theft of her own emails.

Then Lane Bajardi comments under his own ghostwritten handiwork under one of his many screen names. Gee, that’s transparent. Just don’t call Lane Bajardi a political operative. Here he calls Councilman Ravi Bhalla “one delusional SOB.”

Yet another Lane Bajardi penned comment crowing with a string of his usual angry man vitriol closing with his repeated talking point from his own article Mayor Dawn Zimmer is a “Lame Duck.”

Let’s see how Lane Bajardi’s favored Russo Faction committe members “independently” vote for Democratic chair in June for Beth Mason! 

Talking Ed Note: This story may see additions through the weekend. Hey folks, you think reading through 49,000 emails plus attachments is easy? It’s the gift that endlessly keeps on giving.

Please join Da Horsey and take a moment to bow our heads and thank the kind, generous and litigious benefactors on upper Hudson Street without whom none of these 49,000 emails would be possible.

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