DeFusco and Mello go mano a mano

Instagram, the land of friendly pictures of kittens, puppies and fauna turned into the site of political brawling yesterday.

Councilman Dave Mello who was announced yesterday joining the Romano for Mayor council at-large slate had a few choice words on the Instagram account of Councilman Mike DeFusco yesterday.

It started with publication of this by Councilman Mike DeFusco:

DeFusco included a short video where Councilman Dave Mello criticized Hudson County  for the large tax increases on Hoboken. In recent years it’s increased over 50% and is now the largest portion of the taxes Hoboken residents pay.

He added a sidebar comment saying Mello “found himself excluded from every other mayoral ticket.”

Councilman Dave Mello was incensed and replied:

Talking Ed Note: Well, there’s the beginnings of another front opening up in the November election.

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