Defamation at the desperate Bonkers for Bhalla Cave leads to further exposure in Bhalla TextGate!


Yesterday MSV established the getting hotter by the minute issue of TextGate. Witnesses pointed out someone was contacting Councilman Ravi Bhalla on his phone during the mayoral forum.

The question to the Bhalla campaign was posed early yesterday an hour before the gristy chewable goods went up and the invitation for an answer is pending.  So the TextGate issue was highlighted in the Grist for the Mill rumor column. To date, there’s no Bhalla campaign explanation and no defense offered although a follow-up opportunity was extended.

Then today, Sybil’s Cave hostess with a penchant for lunatic fringe Bonkers for Bhalla fanaticism went into foaming at the mouth overdrive, re: the usual. Today two questions posed in private emails yesterday morning to one person in attendance at the mayoral forum appear. That individual emailed is mayoral candidate Karen Nason.

Asking questions of various people when investigating a story is called journalism. Unfortunately Sybil’s Cave and the illogical stupidity demonstrated there on a frequent basis concludes one person in the room missing what occurred means TextGate didn’t happen.

Worse, she calls it perjurious later changing it to “perfidy” and fell back on defamation to aid and abet the Bhalla campaign. (Too late Nancy Pincus, someone sent MSV the original. Make a retraction now, thank you.)

According to this woeful moronic insanity, a single observer not noticing TextGate equals it didn’t happen. One person not seeing TextGate is dispositive to it not happening? 

Except there’s a major problem. It’s on videotape! 

Here just after Ravi Bhalla finished his answer on the campaign funding question, he received an oddly well-timed notification from an unknown party. Someone felt a compelling need to contact him immediately after his answer. The timing of their notification is so exquisitely perfect, it comes mere seconds after he just finishes his answer.

Karen Nason speaks next. She is focused on answering and does not appear to notice there’s not one but two notifications occurring as she is presenting her answer to the public.

Just after the one hour and eight minute mark Nason begins speaking; Ravi Bhalla notices the well timed notification to his phone after the 1:08  mark. He’ll turn his eyes phone-ward to read it and then move to shut the screen.

Ravi Bhalla reads a first witnessed phone notification as Karen Nason is focused the other direction answering a question.

1:08 – Karen Nason begins speaking shortly thereafter.
1:08 and 15 seconds: – Ravi Bhalla is reading a phone notification.
1:08 and 22 seconds: Ravi Bhalla continues handling the phone for reading.
1:08 and 24 seconds: Ravi finished reading the notification and shuts it off.

MSV used a still shot yesterday of Ravi Bhalla looking at his phone and then turning off the screen. Apparently, the simple act of reviewing the video never occurred to the moron running Sybil’s Cave.


As the videotape continues running, once again a notification arrives to Ravi Bhalla.

Ravi Bhalla later is seen handling his phone after another notification is seen on the videotape.

1:09 and six seconds: Ravi Bhalla eyes a second phone notification arrive.
1:09 and six seconds: Ravi reaches for the phone again as Karen Nason complete her answer and is moving the microphone to the left side toward Anthony Romano oblivious to the phone activity on her right.
1:09 and seven seconds: Ravi Bhalla shuts off the screen on his phone as Romano answers.

This MSV photo shows Councilman Ravi Bhalla prepared to start at the mayoral forum as Karen Nason is
seen looking in the direction of his phone. The photo was included with a second question asking if she had noticed
that Councilman Bhalla received notifications on his phone during the forum? She apparently may have missed it.
Other witnesses and the forum videotape didn’t.

Talking Ed Note: MSV can all but guarantee that tomorrow at the QLC forum, no one will have their phone sitting on the table handy receiving any third party communication.

Karen Nason made an unfortunate mistake forwarding two questions to a less than ethical cave dweller. Was it worth it Karen just because you didn’t like an Oliver Stone joke?

See how Sybil’s Cave is willing to lie and yes, fall right back into defamation? Some people never learn. Try not to blatantly lie so much for your candidate. Then you won’t get embarrassed and burned with such Angley regularity.

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