Day after Hoboken Leprecon, Hobokenites asks what else can be done?

It’s the day after and the questions being asked among residents is what more Hoboken can do to make the markedly downscale Lepercon event more manageable.

Like the year before, it’s expected the overall impact on the City is reduced and a marked improvement from the years prior when the Parade was a dog whistle up and down the Eastern seaboard, a Hoboken mardi gras was in effect.

There’s no longer tens of thousands swamping the city from one end to another but the downtown area saw heavy traffic, if somewhat smaller crowds than last year.

On Monday, the City will have some official tallies on arrests, service calls and hospital admissions.  The numbers however, if similar to the year prior won’t tell the whole story. Some residents have asked what further steps can be taken to control the extreme behavior.

As examples:
Would limiting the time of the bars opening at 11:00 or noon improve the day?
Would banning a pub crawl on the day aid in reducing the bad behavior as well?
What do you think?

Downtown bars saw heavy action as shown in this line.

An official lerpercon bar crawl pass: Hobokenites are asking if banning bar crawls on the day would be useful to curtailing
the extreme behavior associated with Lepercon.

Tim Occhipinti who was missing in action during the two recent hurricanes poses for a photo in the Hoboken novelty
store on Washington Street at Lepercon.  The man left is pointing to a button referencing the November Hoboken elections.
Tim Occhipinti wants to run for mayor and called for the parade to be brought back.

Above photos courtesy by arrangement

A man lays on the ground passed out according to this tweet by an alleged friend.
Tim Occhipinti thinks you need to see a lot more of this and is supported in bringing the parade back
by Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and his sponsor Beth Mason who voiced support in the City Council.

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