Dawn Zimmer launches personal attack on Jen Giattino

Letter from Mayor Zimmer desperately seeks to stop Ravi Bhalla’s mayoral rival Jen Giattino

The Bhalla campaign’s negative attacks against Jen Giattino’s surging mayoral campaign has reached nuclear status.

Following the Ravi Bhalla hyper partisan attack mailer earlier this week, the latest in a series mailed to only registered Democrats in Hoboken’s non-partisan election, a new front in the war against the popular City Council President opened yesterday.

Mayor Zimmer spearheaded this attack in a signed letter ripping her fifth vote ally on the council since 2011 stating repeatedly she is “not sure” she’ll finish projects, starting with Rebuild by Design.

Think of the Zimmer letter as a new front in a disinformation war.: nuclear hyper partisanship from the Ravi Bhalla side and a chemical/biological attack on Giattino by Zimmer on the other.

Can a zombie apocalypse in Hoboken be far off in the distance now?

In the letter, Mayor Zimmer alleges Jen Giattino isn’t on board with Rebuild by Design and impact to any climatic risk factors Hoboken faces. This clashes with reality where Giattino worked supporting Mayor Zimmer for years on the pending project.

Then there’s the ironic and uncomfortable timing with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development’s announced release of funds for the Rebuild by Design project. Both Dawn Zimmer and Jen Giattino made announcements saluting the landmark action only yesterday. Giattino publicly offered her personal congratulations to the mayor in noting her support.

After years of working together with others to bring Rebuild by Design to Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer has suddenly developed amnesia. She’s suddenly so unsure about so much.

She’s suffering form a bout of not being “sure” Jen Giattino will follow through on this project or most any other if you believe the contents of the letter. If only Dawn Zimmer could have found a way to be “sure” before she signed off on this Bhalla campaign letter to Hoboken residents.

Being so unsure and not sure what century it is, even using a telephone wouldn’t come to mind.

Apparently, the only remedy to all this unsureness is to issue fabricated personal attacks against Jen Giattino on all of it beginning with the Rebuild by Design project.

Talking Ed Note: She’s not sure?

Mayor Zimmer sure was sure about Jen Giattino when she saved her bacon becoming the fifth vote on a City Council reversing the nightmare of the Mike Russo – Beth Mason hydra. This eyewitness recalls the bear hug Dawn Zimmer gave Jen Giattino on election night. Sure was a lot of critical Jen Giattino votes saving the hospital, obtaining the SouthWest Park and keeping taxes stable.

Would it be too much trouble for the mayor to be sure about when Washington St. will see some work again? At the council meeting last week, the discussion about the lack of progress saw many of the council members showing more than a little frustration. They were told the construction efforts would resume “next week.”

Has there been sight of a single construction worker so much as buying a cup of coffee on Washington St. since?

Maybe the mayor can finally be sure identifying an answer when she learned of the mounting millions in debt owed to Suez in the $8.35 liability (and counting)? Perhaps that may remain a permanent case of being unsure.

What we can be sure of is that the fusillade of hyper partisan attacks on Jen Giattino is continuing. The next friend to unleash on Giattino? Jim Doyle.

One can suspect the negative attacks against Jen Giattino won’t be ending this week. To think all of these thousands and thousands of dollars being spent against a hapless inconsequential mayoral candidate less than two weeks before Election Day.

For those arriving late to the scene or smell of all this political desperation, MSV published the exclusive results of the Bhalla campaign poll the previous week. The poll showed Jen Giattino had surged into a statistical tie for first place.

Others have been selling you a bag of goods how Jen Giattino was no threat, a mayoral candidate of no import. Now why do you think you were fed all that propaganda?

No effort by the Bhalla campaign is being directed at the Romano and DeFusco campaigns whatsoever. There’s whispers unconfirmed the Zimmer-Bhalla groupthink finds Romano an acceptable alternative to a Jen Giattino mayoral victory.

Well, at least they hold the same party affiliation in a non-partisan election. Say bye to Reform.

Related: The Bhalla campaign has released its latest ammunition fire against Jen Giattino. This one from Councilman Jim Doyle published on Hudson County View. From the same people who brought you the Bijou Behemoth at 7th and Jackson.

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