Das Pump pumps Hoboken out

Hoboken pump fends off biggest test to date with nor’easter

Initial reports show the biggest test for Hoboken’s pump have greatly reduced the impact of severe rains in last night’s nor’easter.  While some areas near Shop Rite in the western part of the City saw temporary but limited flooding, most other areas saw none of the detrimental impact including the areas of the fourth ward historically hit very hard.

This scene typical of flooding in Hoboken after Hurricane Irene is not the case this morning.

Early reports indicate it was the western area of Hoboken in midtown hit the hardest but it was temporary and by this morning the waters reaching more than a foot in limited locations was already gone but did leave some vestiges of sewage.

The situation this morning can best be summed up with one resident’s twitter stating, “Hoboken just doesn’t flood like it used to.”

High tide arrived late last night and most of the City saw little to none of the flooding in the areas typically affected.

The pump in downtown Hoboken has one additional outflow going online next month.  It’s not clear how it will impact flooding with the heavy rains Hoboken received in the past day.  That answer comes with an equal or better challenge.

Talking Ed Note: EmNet monitoring is providing data on the activity level of waters through each rainstorm.  The data has been tabulated over months and is useful in devising strategies for future rain events.

The City expects to have some detailed analysis available after compilation of data over months.

Some photos below of the fourth ward usually hit hard are clear.

The fourth ward photos above courtesy of The BankRobber.

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