Das Pump no. 2 will pump you out!

Hoboken can expect to see a new flood pump after the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and the City have come to an agreement for the second installation.

The agreement was finalized with the approval of the City Council Wednesday night.

Richard Wolff, the Executive Director of the NHSA appeared before the City Council and estimated installation underground below the island at 11th and Hudson will take approximately 18 months. Bids will go out end of year and be finalized the end of January.

The second pump for Hoboken will be focused on the western area of Shoprite and is anticipated to make strong gains as part of the overall plan to protect Hoboken from flood events.

The City will be using $11.7 million in state loan funding for the infrastructure and the NHSA will supply the technical expertise.

Scenes like this after Hurricane Sandy may not occur again after the second of Hoboken’s pumps is installed
with the aid of the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. The pump will be the second for Hoboken.

Related: Details from the original City of Hoboken release on the second pump back in August.

Unrelated: MSV Premium is in the works detailing a different kind of flooding in Hoboken. Elections to the Hoboken Board of Ed are a month off but the Vote by Mail tsunami has once again begun.

That will be more grist for the mill with the retrenchment and recovery efforts in the Hoboken Housing Authority. The tsunami of damage there left behind is very much a current story.

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