Das Klaussen and Beth Mason discover parking is a problem made a discovery in Hoboken and wants you to know he’s available to go to your TV studio in Manhattan because may be the equivalent (or worse) of equal parts dirt and water but discovered parking in Hoboken is hard when he isn’t lying or defaming you.

So this leads to a local Fox TV News trip to Hoboken.  Beth Mason’s favorite news source is the self-proclaimed “watch dog” who has received “hundreds” of complaints on parking under the tyrannical rule of Hoboken Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs.  Hey remember the good old days when John Corea was in charge just looting the City’s parking utility for $1,000,000 or so?

Through the magic of “the internets” we are able to bring you a first row view to hear the off kilter and odd speaking dialect of Das Klaussen, the Hoboken411 proprietor and Hoboken’s favorite website for Japanese twitter followers and other East Asian Hoboken lovers.

Grafix Avenger posted an earlier story on this and notes the linkage between the “former” pornographer and his friend and sponsor Councilwoman Beth Mason.  On her Facebook she posted:

“Our residents are hurt again by mismanagement from City Hall who refuse to put people first.  From small businesses to residents who have guests visiting, these parking restrictions do irreparable harm to our city.”

GA notes Beth Mason is deeply concerned about the poor people at Maxwell Place who are driving in circles in front of their building or something.

This one imagines is suppose to hold your attention before the Feds come back and drag off a few frog marchers who have been looting the City of Hoboken’s Office of the Mayor on every communication imaginable going back to early 2010.  (Note Beth Mason has absolutely no outrage on that matter along with her MORTe pals to share on their Facebook pages.)

Well we should at least be mildly entertained in the interim and so sit back and enjoy the wondrous visual imagery of the MyFox TV crew with Perry Klaussen sporting his 1980’s Members Only Faux Leather jacket now about two sizes too small for the pigsty pizza eater.

They must have edited out his “I hate Zimmer, she doesn’t pay me like Beth” screed.

Talking Ed Note: One serious note, let’s dismiss for a moment the vacuousness of a local TV news crew featuring Perry Klaussen who despises people (in Hoboken especially) and lies to them in every possible manner big and small, ready to do a hatchet job while rigidly censoring with Nazi Germany type precision to keep his victims silent, be they public official or Hoboken resident.
There’s one serious point in the story on the problematic technical matter of visitors tagged when they park in one spot and if seen four hours later in another are clocked as having parked over the limit.
Technically it’s true someone can leave and return to a different spot and find their car booted.
This is a real problem and it’s unclear how to address this short of an expensive GPS monitoring system.

MSV has been looking into another parking concern from a resident perspective.  More on that later.

Sleaze merchant Perry Klaussen is predicting bad things for the mayor, again.

Update: 1:20  A reader emailed laughing at the latest lunacy exhibited by Hoboken’s hate monger who predicts what looks like yet another ginned up Beth Mason disinformation campaign:

@ – the Mayor and everyone at city hall reads the site daily. However, any email complaints sent to the Mayor are ignored (unless it’s sent from a campaign contributor or one of the 39 friends she has out of 50,005 residents).
But we have more exciting investigative reports on tap – some that no one will be prepared to handle.. haha!

The mayor is not likely reading Hoboken411 daily or regularly.  Who has time for that filler?  MSV doesn’t read it at all.  Going there once every month or two you realize how next to nothing is missed.  The interesting stories contributed by others, the readers who offered truly interesting insights are all long gone.  

It’s a garish cartoon site with some store openings and closings and news for frat boys in town and a couple of old drunks like Whisky Tango who some say has his own web page there and makes up about 50% of the comments along with an inane dog walker.

Klaussen’s roommates are going to be excited when they get home tonight to hear how Hoboken411 is going to show Zimmer the FBI is here to get her and she won’t be able to handle what he and Beth have planned and it’s going to be bigger than a MORTe saved the hospital commercial.

While Klaussen and Beth trade on filth and misinformation, the grown ups re: professionals are working hard to make Hoboken better, saving the hospital, reducing spending and cutting taxes.

People know.

And there’s a reason why other people need to stay on their meds.

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